About The Right Copy

At The Right Copy we know and understand the importance of ownership, maintaining control over and protecting what you have created.

Established in 2009, The Right Copy is a copyright storage database that enables you to protect your work, be it music, song lyrics, books and publications or other kinds of art. This site was created by a fellow artist who felt (as a result of an unfortunate personal experience!) the need to create a system that could protect his rights and help guard his own work. But after realising that there was nowhere he could safely register and store his work, he decided to establish his own system and thus this site was created.

The Right Copy is the right place where you can quickly, easily and safely store your valuable personal work and other creations. By using our service you will be able to provide evidence that your material is copyright protected. As a creative team ourselves we know the importance of feeling secure when sharing work so by registering your work with us you know you have The Right Copy.

About Intellectual Property

Copyright can protect all different types of works. If a third party wishes to use your work they would need to obtain your permission as you are the copyright owner. Copyright can only protect the end product and not an idea. Although copyright is automatic, meaning registration of your work is optional, in a case of copyright infringement you would need evidence to prove the work that has been infringed upon is your own work. Copyright can protect the following

  • Music, lyrics and sound recordings
  • Design work
  • Web sites
  • Advertisements and designs
  • Labels
  • Computer programming
  • Films and scripts
  • Books and manuscripts
  • Artwork and photograph


Within the UK there is no official governing body where someone can copyright their work. This also happens to be the case in most parts of the world. So once an original material has been created, copyright has been established without actually doing anything. However, to help protect the work and enforce the creator’s rights over that work, creation of the copyright symbol depicted as a © along with the year of creation allows other parties to see when a piece of work was created and copyrighted.

Easy 3 Steps

How It Works

  • Register Work
  • Work Stored For Up To 10 Years
  • Manage Account
  • Contact Us If You’ve Been Infringed
  • Build Case
  • We’ll Remove Any Unauthorised Usage
  • Sit Back and Relax