Shutter Speed - Photographers Rights

At TheRightCopy we're here to make understanding copyright as easy as possible. Today we’re all more or less photographers, whether professional amateur iPhoneographers, and it’s easy for people to be confused as to who actually owns an image or how to protect them.

Flinder - Activities Based On Weather, Location and Time

Established by Jan Van Echelpoel in Antwerp, Belgium while sitting at home with his girlfriend is a new and very exciting app. Flinder allows users to find cool things to do based on their location and the weather.

Arcticparoleum - Musical Duo

The musical duo 'Arcticparoleum' consists of talented artists Darien Maze and Kimmy, who exercise their gift of songwriting, production and composing to create a unique blend of creative and experimental music,

Food For Thought - Adrian Ronaldo Ben

The Right Copy caught up with Adrian Ronaldo Bent (Aldo Bent) from Ossining, New York

JP Cooper - Closer

‘Closer’ is taken from JP’s ‘When The Darkness Comes’ EP, which collectively explores a journey of love, longing and loss. It is a project that illustrates both evocative and relatable music. Featuring a selection of three expertly crafted tracks, as well as two acoustic songs, the EP creates the perfect opportunity for JP to showcase his undeniable talent. Available on iTunes here:

It All Starts From The Soul - Jorsh Peña

The Right Copy caught up with talented illustrator Jorsh Peña who comes from one of the hottest places on earth, Mexicali in Mexico. We’ll be expecting our invite to visit him very soon.

The Minimalist Approach - Logo Designer Tanmay Goswami

The Right Copy caught up with logo designer Tanmay Goswami who trades under the moniker "Tickey".

TRC Video Production

Have you been having problems getting yourself out or struggling as to where to start. Our experienced team will provide you with an engaging video interview or promotional intoduction that will capture the essence of yourself, your product or your project.

Save Our Scripts is Open for Submissions

Tristan sounded slightly uncomfortable being called the ‘creator’ of this three-year-old programme, ‘It’s a bit of a funny title isn’t it?’ he laughed. But he did give birth to this particular programme that partners writers up with producers. Still in its infancy, Save Our Scripts (SOS) is however, demanding and gaining more attention.

Fire In The Blood (Dylan Mohan Gray Interview)

A patent is a good thing right? It protects a creator’s intellectual property.

TheRightFilm: Beautiful Creatures, This is 40, A Good day to Die Hard‏

Who says you have to choose just one film? Ok, last week we did, but why not watch all of this week’s offerings which include comedy, a little bit of fantasy and action?

Painting Big with Rowan Newton

Rowan says that most of his clients are female. Even though the illustrations, sketches and paintings, that are mainly of women, aren’t self portraits and the subjects are sometimes wearing little to nothing at all. ‘Women are the majority of my buyers and they’re more likely to buy an image of a body. Once a piece of art’s got a face to it, it’s almost as if it’s an image of a past girlfriend’, he reveals.

TheRightFilm: Hitchcock, NO, Dead Bodies, I Give it a Year

Not sure what to see at the cinema, neither were we. The list below mightn’t make it easier either. Sorry. We’ve picked four films out this week, a diverse bunch all vying for your attention like the middle child, but it’s up to you to choose TheRightFilm.

L Marshall Interview

Twenty-five-year-old L.Marshall is cool calm and collected. And why not?

Entrepreneurial Spiri

TheRightCopy has had the opportunity to meet and film many of the entrepreneurs behind today’s successful brands.

On the Road With Ghetts

TheRightCopy presents On the Road With Ghetts.

JP Cooper – Interview

TRC had the privilege of meeting up with highly talented JP Cooper. Check out this exclusive interview.

Django Unchained

Quentin Tarantino will soon be delivering his latest offering to British cinemas, and after watching the trailer; it appears there isn’t going to be a massive change of direction for the award-winning director. ‘Django Unchained’ is both written and directed by Tarantino and as is usual for his films there is plenty of style, plenty of quirkiness, plenty of dark humour and of course, plenty of star names. Jamie Foxx, Christoph Waltz, Leonardo DiCaprio, Samuel L. Jackson and a cameo from Jonah

Hansel and Gretel

A potentially interesting take on a traditional fairytale, ‘Hansel and Gretel: Witch Hunters’ contemplates what happened to the brother and sister after they escaped from the witch with the confectionary house in the woods. Of course, they didn’t simply go on to lead normal and happy lives – would you if you were nearly eaten by a blind old witch? – They instead became bounty hunters, chasing witches all over the world. This film shows the siblings become involved in a situation much more dan

The Enemy Rock Glasgow

The Enemy are one of those bands that are best heard live. Since their 2007 debut album, ‘We’ll Live and Die in These Towns’, the band have consistently released great tunes but being at one of their gigs reminds you just how many anthems they actually have. The best thing about The Enemy is that they write songs with choruses you can easily sing along to, so even those not so familiar with their music wouldn’t feel left out when seeing them live.

Rain, rain, go away

The queue of less-than-eager-looking members of the public extended to the far corner of the exhibition entrance hall and wound around again. This wasn’t the H&M collaboration with luxury brand Maison Martin Margiela, this was actually for Random International’s installation entitled ‘Rain Room’, which had an average wait time of an hour and a half. But of course long queue times for this highly anticipated exhibition were to be expected, especially in the opening week.

Brandy’s New Album – ‘Two Eleven’

The 13 tracks on Two Eleven range from few up-tempo club-worthy mixes, as exciting as the lead track Put it Down featuring Chris Brown, to whiney gleam-free songs such asWildest Dreams, containing lyrics; ‘It seemed I had it all, that’s what they thought, but I was peeling like paint on the wall, had to cover up the hurt’. These lyrics will trigger off anyone with an inclination to press the next button.

Theatre Review: Celebrity Night at Cafe Red

This is literally a series of very amusing awkward moments occuring within the space of an hour.

Seye – Mexicana Bounce

NME call him Fela Kuti for the Rinse generation, but even when you get past the tacky props in an unimaginative video, I still don’t see or hear it.

Girl on Fire

Alicia Keys is a Girl On Fire – well according to her fifth studio album she is.

Into the Fast Lane with Benin City

Benin City’s new single ‘Accelerate’ may be a lot more in-your-face than the haunting first single ‘Baby’, but it wouldn’t be surprising if it receives a similar level of critical acclaim. Joshua Idehen once again takes the vocals, and the intensity of his voice combined with an array of instruments (including horns) makes for a fresh, exciting tune.

Hurricane – MS MR

MS MR are a somewhat enigmatic duo from New York City. Even in this modern technological world, where the internet ensures that almost nothing manages to remain a secret, little is known about this band. All I can tell you for sure is that they make haunting synthy pop music, that they like to hide behind their band name, furtively refusing to give away many details about themselves and that this month saw the release off their new single, ‘Hurricane’.

The Whore's Asylum

The name of this novel is a bit off-putting; I experienced side glances from fellow commuters when reading it on the train like some non-Kindle readers of ‘Fifty Shade of Grey’ may do. Surprisingly, however, ‘The Whores’ Asylum’ does not include any directly kinky scenes despite focusing on that taboo subject of Victorian Britain; prostitution.


The first beat on ‘Thunderbird’ will make you sit up, listen and watch this Berlin resident. The attention-grabbing track is what club and radio DJs have been waiting for.

Femi is Not all Flash

If we were living in the 90s and functioning as a hip hop magazine, we might say ‘she tore it down’ or ‘raised the roof’, but we’re not, so we’ll have to be more creative when writing about the gifted wordsmith that is Femi Martin.

The Marriage Plot

‘The Marriage Plot’ illustrates a love triangle worthy of a Greek tragedy. The backdrop to the performance is Brown University, Rhode Island. It’s Graduation Day, Class of 1982.

ntroducing – JP Cooper

We bring good news and music to your ears. The discovery of JP Cooper has a certain TRC member going slightly gaga, but she can’t exactly be blamed. Why?

Take it to The Bridge

This London – based producer who has worked with top grime artists including Wiley, Manga and up–and-coming rappers like Infecta, takes TheRightCopy behind the music and tells us what happens when a Lover’s Rock singer and a DJ meet.

Binge Drinking – Helium Robots

Following on from a recent free download EP, Helium Robots will soon be giving listeners the chance to hear a full album. The electronica duo have announced that they will be releasing their debut album ‘Voltopia’ later this year, after the release of their first single ‘Bring Drinking’, which is available to listen to here

‘O – A Presidential Story’

It is the ideal time to be reading ‘O: A Presidential Novel’. Spanning the period of spring 2011 to November 2012 the novel pursues the United States presidential election, specifically the re-election campaign of the novel’s existing President and his republican rival.

The Survivor - Sean Slater

This novel channels ‘Taken,’ ‘Die Hard’ and ‘Bad Boys’ in a fictional display of testosterone charged cop drama.


It premiered to a rapt audience at the Berlin Film Festival in February and now the UK will have the opportunity to see an intimate and revealing film focusing on the musical legend that is Robert Nestor Marley.

Adithio Opens up a Pandora’s Box of Film Treats

Adithio’s pieces are stylistically refined his films raw, using long takes that allow the camera to move with him. He employs sound and music effectively to create energy and whether working with documentary or music videos, there's always immediacy to his work.

Interview: An Insight into Incisive

TheRightCopy finally got the chance to interview a creative Londoner that caught our attention way back.

Exclusive Interview with Roger Smith

‘What I’ve written is no love letter, I set out to write a bloody, amped-up page-turner, but I wanted it to be fuelled by the things that anger me about South Africa.’

The Crossing

You don’t have to be an ethnic minority who has struggled to arrive in Europe to feel a tightening in your chest when you watch the first scene of this play.

New Music: Submotion Orchestra – It’s Not Me It’s You

We’ve all been there right, wanted to say ‘It’s Not Me It’s You’, even if it was just for effect? Out May 7, this new track is taken from the seven-piece Submotion Orchestra’s forthcoming second album. It displays their signature fusion of bass, electro and live music and leaves you feeling like heading to the club.

D’Banj’s Oliver Twist Afro Beat Invasion

The Afro-Beat craze has been bubbling away in the club scene for a while now, and one of the artists at the forefront of this musical movement will release his already monumental single ‘Oliver Twist’ in the UK this May.

K Koke Volume II Roc Nation/Sony RCA

It may seem as if he’s come out nowhere but K Koke has been doing his rounds on the music circuit for a while now, he created such a buzz when his Fire in the Booth freestyle reached over 1million views, and now Jay Z’s Roc Nation have signed him

This is the Remix

So we’ve covered how and why you protect your work , but how can you make sure that when you get a bright idea you haven’t actually taken a large chunk of it from someone else’s Intellectual Property?

General Fiasco Gig

At first glance, it’s easy to mistake General Fiasco for a boyband. Not one of those 90s ballad-singing boybands but the slightly rougher noughties type who ‘actually play their own instruments’, but are too polished to be real rockstars.

Sounds From Nowheresville – The Ting Tings

Making this album wasn’t as easy as it sounds but after some time and a location change things started to click Jules says, ‘Every time Katie went up to the booth she was nailing it. The lyrics were happening. The whole weight of our shoulders was lifted. This was enjoyable again. It was being dictated by its own energy again.’

Call the Midwife – Jennifer Worth

‘Call the Midwife’ is not a book for the faint-hearted. Don’t let the cosy Sunday evening BBC adaptation lull you into a false sense of snug security. The number of occasions ‘forceps,’ ‘amniotic fluid’ and ‘mucus catheter’ are dropped into the narrative is enough to put you off your mug of cocoa.

Uncovering Lissie

Columbia described Lissie as straight-talking, TheRightCopy agrees, her no-nonsense attitude is refreshing and her interpretations of singles from Lady GaGa and Kid Kudi add something that only a talented singer can.

How to Be a Woman

Whether you are a young woman or an old man, or an old woman or a young man, or somewherein the middle, you must read Caitlin Moran’s ‘How To Be A Woman.’ Don’t be put off by the title,which implies this is a step-by-step guide to femininity, a bit like a recipe or one of those patronisingself-help books that claim to solve life issues in six easy steps. ‘How To Be A Woman’ is instead an autobiographical account of what it’s like to be a woman, making both social and trivial commentsabout the fe

The Penelopiad – Margaret Atwood

The Penelopiad offers a reimagining of The Odyssey, the iconic work of Homer that mothered Western literature as we know it. Published as part of the Canongate Myth Series, in which authors reworked traditional myths, Margaret Atwood’s Penelopiad offers a voice to Penelope, the faithful, abandoned and bereaved wife of Odysseus, the king of Ithaca, whose action-packed homecoming is the main subject of The Odyssey.

Banking on Fashion

London Fashion Week is here! The Right Copy has been holding its breath for London to come alive with the sound of heels and the air to fill with a sense of creativity. We’ve been particularly waiting to tell you about the fashion label Funlayo Deri and its designer.

Copyright – What do you know?

After reading this article, you’ll realise you know more about copyright than you thought.

TRC Meets Dot Rotten

TheRightCopy caught up with Mercury Records artist Dot Rotten. TRC found out about his career so far and what we should expect from him in the near future.

Illuminated Manuscripts

Chronicling over 150 manuscripts owned by English Monarchs, dating between the 8th and 16th century, this exhibition at the British Library illuminates both the inclinations of these artefacts famous patrons and the social context in which they were created, as well as giving a rich insight into the monastic art form itself.

The Descendants

Clooney. Revered actor. Former ER doctor. Sexiest Man Alive. And after this March, it’s very well possible that he will be able to add Oscar Winner to that list.

Crap Dates

This book is for everyone who has been or is in the dating scene. A sometimes fun, but often mind-boggling place to be.

The Girl Who Couldn’t Smile

Set in a village in Ireland, ‘The Girl Who Couldn’t Smile’ is Dunphy’s fourth novel, narrating his experiences as a childcare worker in ‘Little Scamps’, a crèche for children with special needs.

The Chronicles

Andrew (Dane DeHann) starts to document every aspect of his life by filming it with his new camera. The good, the bad and the ugly. With everything going against him; he comes from an abusive home, has a terminal ill mother, Andrew’s life is not the typical American teenage life. Then again whose is?

Sistah Souljah’s Meaning of Love

Sistah Souljah’s New York Times Bestseller ‘Midnight and The Meaning of Love’ proved at times, a very powerful compelling read.

Epic Win for Anonymous

This book rightfully reveals that trolls have evolved from those fantastical creatures created by Terry Pratchett. They’ve become internet savvy demons who trawl message boards and websites making useless comments that can funny (depends if you are on the receiving end). They spam inboxes and they’re basically the internet version of the clowns that give tourists the wrong direction on purpose.

The King, The Island, The Train, The House, The Ship

In three separate locations, Paul McCarthy fabricates a seedy spectacle in a pleasantly obscene return to the U.K.

Haunted Child

Award-winning playwright Joe Penhall’s Haunted Child takes us into the lives of a small family unit that consists of an engineer father who returns after weeks of living with, let’s be honest, a cult; a mother worried about the effect her absentee husband is having on her only child; and a child who is struggling to make sense of the tense situation within the house.

Dry and Flat or Full of Flavour?

Whenever ‘classic’ songs are messed with, the music community responds in one of two ways. For every envelope-pushing avant-garde innovator praising the creativity and new direction the music has been taken in, there’s a staunchly defiant member of rock & roll’s old guard, outraged that such a vintage gem of music has been disturbed from its resting place in the musical pantheon.

‘Pixel This’: A Phone

For me, an antiquated stickler to the magic of film photography, visiting Dan Shearman’s brainchild – an exhibition comprised entirely of the masterpieces captured on smartphones – was an experience accompanied by feelings of distrust, cynicism and perhaps even a dour stroke of envy.

Interview With Our Man Willy

When the press release reading ‘Willy Moon- I Wanna be Your Man’ landed in our inbox, it was the name that initially grabbed our attention.

‘Memory feeds on dreams, you know’: The Silent Cry, Kenzaburo

Japanese Kenzaburo Oe was duly awarded a Nobel Prize with ‘The Silent Cry’ cited as his essential masterpiece, on the grounds that ‘his poetic force creates an imagined world, where life and myth condense to form a disconcerting picture of the human predicaments’

L.Marshall Zooms Zooms into Focus

Remember that big tune by Wretch 32 ‘Traktor’? Well the same guy who sang the chorus just steamed over his work on the hit single with this brilliant new mixtape.

Shakka’s Greatest Steal

We caught up with Shakka earlier this year to find out more about the guy whose mixtape was creating a major buzz on the unsigned scene.

Introducing Jess Mills

Jess Mills can only be described as a 21st century singing siren, no not the ones that you hear at the end of a night out in Shoreditch, but a siren which is preferably pronounced using a sexy French accent (see-ren), while rolling your rrrrrs.

The Slap

Firstly, there’s nothing like reading a good book, followed by watching a good film or television adaptation of said book. While good books are like Starbucks in America, good adaptations are like London buses in November; infrequent. Yes we’re saying that good adaptations rarely happen, but the producers of ‘The Slap’, currently showing on BBC 4 have managed to prove that it can happen by staying true to the bestselling novel first published in 2008.

Who is Kayosoul?

Kayosoul is leaving nothing to chance, he is here to take on the music industry in a big way and he’s using more than his singing skills to make sure that he gains attention.

Yasmin is Lighting up the World

The name on the lips of DJs right now is Yasmin – why? Because her single ’Light up the World’ out mid January is hugely catchy.

Willy Moon

We’ve discovered Willy Moon a charming young man who teamed up with his girlfriend to bring us his first video ‘I Wanna Be Your Man’. The video cost just £150, and as you can see their creativity stretched their money quite far.

Poem of The Week – Un-thinkable

This week we have a poem that is focuses on an issue that is not only thrown up during Black History Month

Submotion Orchestra

Describing themselves as a bunch of fairly different people, ‘with mental ages that vary from single digits up to around 75’, Submotion Orchestra is a collection of talented artists, which comprises ‘Ruby Wood on vocals, Simon ‘Bobby’ Beddoe on trumpet and electronics, Taz Modi on keyboards, Chris ‘Fatty’ Hargreaves on bass, Danny T on percussion, Tommy Evans on drums, and Ruckspin, who produces and engineers.’

The Help

Some members of The Right Copy team were more than moved when they read this book and were very excited when we received word that a film adaptation was in the works.

Competition: Novak Collective 3D Disco Tour UK

The Novak 3D Disco concept was devised by five visual artists and designers from Newcastle and now, five years on, they tour the world with their trademark shows.

Those Were Fireworks, Thomas Solgaard

Here at The Right Copy, we like unwavering dedication and talent and Thomas Solgaard has that and a little something else too, but we were slightly shocked when he told us ‘I didn’t know that I could sing’.

The (Not My) Heartbreak Poem

The (Not My) Heartbreak Poem

National Poetry Day: ‘Co-Star’, by AKS

National Poetry Day: ‘Co-Star’, by AKS

National Poetry Day: ‘Expectation’, by Dare Daramola

National Poetry Day: ‘Expectation’, by Dare Daramola

Dust Devils – Roger Smith

If you want to take a trip to South Africa then take it with Roger Smith’s Dust Devils.

Midnight in Paris

Woody Allen can be like Marmite, but whether you like him or you dislike him, his latest film might be worth shelling out some money for the cinema this week.

Viva La Madness

Viva La Madness infiltrated our vocabulary with words one shouldn’t use in front of children, friends or family, and a lot of cockney rhyming slang.

he Auschwitz Violin

In these uncertain and fearful times of economic crisis and civil unrest, as seen recently in the UK riots, it becomes ever increasingly apparent that modern society has left us all feeling great despair; brought on by its obstacles leading us to become a culture immersed in self -pity and defeatism.

Various Cruelties

Since forming just under 12-months ago Various Cruelties have played alongside Villagers, The Vaccines, Funeral Party, Fixers, Tribes and at Mumford’s Communion Night. Scheduled to appear later this year at Bestival, this summer has already seen the band play to packed tents at the Isle of Wight and Latitude festivals.


Some months ago The Right Copy team were mingling with journalists while waiting to hear Roots Manuva’s latest album, we drank from the free bar and wondered whether we’d be disappointed and disheartened or excited and willing to plug Roots Manuva’s fifth studio album 4EVEREVOLUTION.

Oh My! (Interview)

Remember those cool girls at school that everyone wanted to be around? Well Oh My girls Alex and Jade wouldn’t be caught dead with them.

Laura Marling’s ‘A Creature I Don’t Know’

Summer is officially over, holidays are unfortunately now a thing of the past, and it’s time to get serious, again. Luckily, there is something to relieve part of the dread.

Live Before You Die

TRC caught up with the talented rapper and founder of LBYD F-Jay at his home Town of South London. Check it out

How to Find Success in Your Creative Business

Imagine it: You. Your own creative abilities turned into business model; a business model with a positive social mission. A design company that promotes going ‘green’.

Fallulah Live

Her name alone sounds like a song. Fallulah is a Danish artist that knows how to entice and work a crowd.

Ode to the Studio Killers

TRC stumbled across a track that is making people do crazy things on the dancefloor in Scandinavia. Ode to the Bouncer has been written for each and every one of us that has ever wanted to put a bouncer back in their place, but were sober enough to realise that this was not a good idea

Ashleigh Ashley

The Right Copy met up with rising star and stylist Ashleigh Ashley, who has an infectious laugh and inimitable style that is catching on within the live music circuit.

Riley So

TRC joined Talay Riley in London to celebrate the launch of his latest single Make You Mine.

Jo Birchall

Liverpudlian Jo Birchall has a soothing voice that makes the rain sound romantic on the grimmest of days.

AKS Nothing More Nothing Less caught up with rising star AKS. His ’Bus Stop’ EP raised a few questions and being a naturally nosey bunch, TRC wanted to find out about the man behind the music.

A Rose by Any Other Name is Called Lily

The Right Copy first came across Lily at Style and Substance in February and she was shockingly good. The voice that sang out the lyrics for her single ‘Crazy’ was only enhanced by the acoustic guitar that strummed beside her.

Becks Green Box Project

‘It’s just about people who have got something to say, art is communication at the highest level, I’ve always fought against the idea that one is just one type of artist, this breaks down barriers’-Nick Knight.

Taking Green Notes

I quite often find myself enjoying songs in the Top 10 nowadays, most of which are made by my peers! It’s a great time for UK music on the whole.

Drums on the Night Air

Veronica Cecil takes you back to a time when the Democratic Republic of Congo was just about to start enjoying its colonial emancipation and the capital was still called Léopoldville, not Kinshasa.


People are always trying to tell us what’s good for us and, what isn’t. The latest person is 15-year old Dionne Bromfield, whose new album ‘Good For The Soul’ is out today.

Daughters of Fortune – Tara Hyland

If you haven’t been drawn in by the brunette running away in a red dress on the underground then let me pique your interest on a very interesting read.

Electro What?

Electro-shagging and musical flirting combine to make Eskinzo, a daring musical combination that didn’t put TRC off talking to the Italian duo who admit to being old-fashioned.

UK’s First Black British Online Sitcom

Meet the Adebanjo’s is a new sitcom that shows the comedy and fun arising within a British African family household. The 8 part series follows the stubborn yet thoroughly entertaining Mr Adebanjo, as he struggles to install his traditional Nigerian values on his very defiant modern UK children.


Ayaan Hirsi Ali’s ‘Nomad’ is a provocative biography full of theories on how to solve the problem of radical Islam and improving the conditions of Muslim women.

Witness – Cath Staincliff

If bearing witness to a murder isn’t disturbing enough, imagine knowing the killer, imagine knowing that you could be next…if you don’t keep quiet.

Born This Gaga

Gaga is back to treat her ‘little monsters’ to fresh tracks off her second album Born This Way. But does it live up to Gaga’s international bestselling debut album The Fame Game?

Medicinal Cookery – Dale Pinnock

Sometimes you fancy something healthy, but a lot of the time it’s easier to grab something on the go and difficult to take the time out to cook. There are a lot of us with cookbooks that we’ve never used and pots that lay trapped at the back of the kitchen cupboard.

The Sound of Sunshine (EMI)

TRC brought our readers an exclusive interview with Michael Franti last month, we even threw in a live session where you got a sneak peak at his new material due out on Monday.

Nigerian Talent Part 2: SoSick

No it isn’t a typo, Sossick (pronounced so sick) is the man behind big beats that are creating a buzz in Nigeria right now.

Nigerian Talent – Kida Kudz

Over the windy beach check out TRC’s interview with KidaKudz, if you strain to hear, here is a quick description on one of Nigeria’s hottest talent Kida Kudz

Stardust – Joseph Kanon (Simon & Schuster)

The unnecessary details were one of the many things that let this potentially thrilling read down.

Meet Michael Franti

TRC met musician and yoga hotelier, Michael Franti at EMI where he told us about the worthy cause that has led him to walk around bare foot, shedding the shoes and socks society opts for.

He’s a Star Bwoy

TRC caught up with Starboy Nathan on an honest day when he was willing to tell us exactly what he thinks of other UK acts and the media.

Showcase: Milo

Up and coming artist/producer from East London, Milo got into music from an early age where he found his true life passion. He started off by teaming up with family friend Artbeat, to combine and utilise each others talents to create music.

Exclusive Toploader Interview

Did you ever wonder where Toploader the international chart toppers who brought us their own version of ‘Dancing in The Moonlight’ went?

The Shakka Crown Affair (Visual)

West Londoner Shakka showed TRC around his stomping ground and gave us a little taste into what life as a cunning musician is like and why he does what he does.

Beautiful Imperfection

If you’re going to do something, you should do it well and try as they may, not all musicians succeed…. twice.

Of Beasts and Beings – Ian Holding (Simon & Schuster)

Holding’s follow-up to the critically acclaimed Unfeeling (2005) is a story divided into two parts, with each character enduring the toils of life in modern Zimbabwe just to exist.

Something Fishy

We joined the aptly named ‘Japanese Fighting Fish’ on their ‘Fish Tour’ at The Bowery in London where they played to an enthusiastic audience who were also touring with them.

World Book Day/Night

On Saturday 5th March, World Book Day extended its family to World Book Night. Traditionally on World Book Day events are held around the country and schools are given countless vouchers to encourage children and adults to pick up a book.


What does it take to start up a record label? Former actress Faye and former Marketeer Gemma told TheRightCopy everything that we need to know.

Late Nights & Early Mornings

The slender image on the cover of ‘Late Nights & Early Mornings’ was not someone I recognised, but the sultry tones were.

An Ideal Husband – Oscar Wilde

Wilde’s famous script brings together a topical tale of political corruption of ignorant youth and blackmail between parties. Lord Robert Chiltern is the designated target of Mrs. Cheveley, who deals him a cruel hand of blackmail with deliciously devilish ambition.

Honest Music

TheRightCopy reviewed Lauren Pritchard’s Wasted in Jackson last year and we were impressed.

Asa Interview and Performance

Check out our interview with Nigerian singer/songwriter Asa, who we caught up with performing at her showcase in London this month.

Meet The Who?

‘Meet the Adebanjos’ is a brand new family sitcom about a British-African family living in London. In an entertaining way it deals with how a larger than life Dad struggles to instil his traditional African values in his British household.


We were introduced to the words of PoetiCat, a 4-piece band comprising a poet, vocalist, guitarist and percussionist via Myspace, yes it still exist and houses a lot of talents.

Basic Instincts

A singer with all the makings of a star yet she is offering such a one-dimensional character. We all know by now that sex sells but what team Ciara don’t seem to appreciate is that they’re also trying to sell an album.

If I Were President

Haitians are currently awaiting the release of their election results but one thing that we will not have to wait for any longer is Wyclef Jean’s EP, ‘If I were President: My Haitian Experience is out on digital download today.’

Soulfully Alternative Folks

As a manager, she knows how to get the best from her client, as a producer, she instinctively creates for the artist, as a musician, she rocks.

All That Jazmine Sullivan

She’s not busting any windows on this album but she is taking her ‘Luv Back’on a feel good track that had yours truly boggling on the first listen. She is generously giving her cheating man ’10 Seconds’ on the revenge track that features the lyrics ‘….you know I aint mad for nothing’

Yolanda Brown

As the audience filed out of the Indigo2, some stragglers remained to catch a glimpse of the performer in the hopes of securing an autograph or merely a hello and a wink from the cheeky saxophonist, who quickly figured out that her audience were slightly inept at following the 1, 2, 3, clap instructions that only gifted musicians can manage.

Rhyme and Reason: The Great Depression

George Obizulike goes by the pen name of Poet Ivy and has published his collection of poems in two books. A raw voice of the youth, which should be celebrated, he spits his words at the issues that facing his generation.

Lamonte Lets Out The Lion

Duane Lamonte has been onstage in the hit show Daddy Cool, on TV in the popular series Grange Hill and the much discussed X-Factor, however when will he be on our IPODs?

Wasted On The Shelf

This album has been on constant rotation in my CD player for the past four days.This album has been on constant rotation in my CD player for the past four days. Lauren Pritchard’s debut offering ‘Wasted in Jackson’ is out on Monday and I am not hyping when I say that there is not a filler track on there.

Infecta-Dat’s Who It

Nineteen year-old Southwark resident Infecta is on a mission to inspire and educate.Nineteen year-old Southwark resident Infecta is on a mission to inspire and educate. The youth worker and MC is approaching music in a slightly more positive manner and his tracks are actually quite good.

Disc-Overy – Tinie Tempah

If you didn’t know that Tinie Tempah’s album is dropping on Monday then you are more out of touch than the trapped Chilean miners. Join us as we review if Tinie has explored enough on his quest for discovery?

FTLOM Live Session and Free Download

If you’re passionate about music then you’ll understand where this South Londoner is coming from with his For The Love of Music live sessions. Mikey Smith is offering a free download of his single ‘My Kinda Girl’, which features on SBTV’s Homegrown Vol.14.

Band Wagon

The TRC Band Wagon web series takes an intimate behind-the-scenes glimpse at artists in the process of developing their craft. Our videographer,’Paps the Owl’, captures the works in progress to bring you exclusive footage of the creative practices that lead to stunning performances.

Playing the Game with George The Poet

I think rappers and hood stars need to fix up. I’m not trying to exclude anyone; I’m not trying to say get out of the picture we’re better than you; I’m saying we need to sit down together and figure out how to make things better.

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