Copyright can protect all different types of works. If a third party wishes to use your work they would need to obtain your permission, as you are the copyright owner. Copyright can only protect the end product and not an idea. Although copyright is automatic, meaning registration of your work is optional; in a case of copyright infringement you would need evidence to prove the work that has been infringed upon is your own work.Copyright can protect the following

  • Music, lyrics and sound recordings
  • Design work
  • Web sites
  • Advertisements and designs
  • Labels
  • Computer programming
  • Films and scripts
  • Books and manuscripts
  • Artwork and photograph


Within the UK there is no official governing body where someone can copyright their work. This also happens to be the case in most parts of the world. So once an original material has been created, copyright has been established without actually doing anything. However, to help protect the work and enforce the creator’s rights over that work, creation of the copyright symbol depicted as a © along with the year of creation allows other parties to see when a piece of work was created and copyrighted.


It is very important to protect your copyright in order to show you are the sole owner of your work and to ensure that your rights over your work are not infringed upon. If you are ever unfortunate enough to experience a case of your work being infringed upon then proving that you’re the owner of your work may be difficult.

By registering your work with The Right Copy we can provide evidence and act as a witness for you in respect of any legal matter that may arise as a result of the infringement. By registering your work with us it will help to prove your ownership.

Benefits of Copyrighting Your Work

Copyright protection will enable you to protect your work from misuse or exploitation. Once you have proved your work has been used by a third part y without your consent, you will be able to make a claim for damages. Other benefits also include being able to license out your creation or sell your rights to the work.

Registering An Account

Once you have registered an account with The Right Copy, you will have your own secure account into which you can place and, more importantly, date each record of work entered. Individual works are given unique identification number and stored in The Right Copy archives.

After your work has been registered and the certificates have been issued, it will be securely encrypted and stored in separate secure servers located in different geographical locations to ensure there is no loss of your valuable data.

Using The Work of Others

Permission will be needed from the copyright owner, which may or may not be granted.


Our system backs up your work from the very first day it is registered with us. In the case of an infringement leading to a dispute, The Right Copy can act as a witness proving evidence of copyright ownership. Once all the information has been confirmed The Right Copy will provide correspondence along with all documents and information on the work in question from the first date it was first registered.

Easy 3 Steps

How It Works

  • Register Work
  • Work Stored For Up To 10 Years
  • Manage Account
  • Contact Us If You’ve Been Infringed
  • Build Case
  • We’ll Remove Any Unauthorised Usage
  • Sit Back and Relax