Crap Dates

    This book is for everyone who has been or is in the dating scene. A sometimes fun, but often mind-boggling place to be.


    Rhodri Marsden went on a crap date, tweeted about it and got a whole lot of experiences tweeted back at him; result is Crap Dates.


    How his publishing team sorted out the rights for this, we just don’t know. Crap Dates is a multi-contributory effort, which displays just how twitter helps us share perhaps a bit too much information about our lives.


    We devoured this whole in just one hour, but have been enjoying the effects over the last few days. This book reveals one bad date nightmare after another using the twitter limit of 140 characters.


    With Valentines day approaching, this could be the perfect gift for your partner to remind them that, yes things could be worse, they could be with one of the people in this stomach-achingly funny book.


    OK, we’ll stop going on about it and give you a sample of what you’ve been waiting for since you saw the title ‘Crap Dates’.


    We bumped into my dad. He took one look at my date and said: ‘You’ve got to be joking Lorna’


    Now, let’s switch it up. Why don’t you tell us the most creative thing you’ve done for Valentines Day, to be in with a chance of winning a copy of Crap Dates? Like us and enter through our facebook page and the winner will be announced there on Valentines day.

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