Copyright – What do you know?

    After reading this article, you’ll realise you know more about copyright than you thought.


    You’ve heard about Megaupload shutting down and its creator being charged for facilitating illegal downloading of films and music? You couldn’t have missed Wikipedia’s blackout in protest against new piracy laws in the middle of January 2012. All of this was a result of copyright.


    So, what, exactly, is copyright?


    Copyright is The Right To Copy. I have the right to copy and distribute this article because I created it. I own the rights. I can sell this article to New York Times and Guardian for a one-off fee (offers welcome). Or I can license it to ONE of those newspapers to use an unlimited/limited amount of times. Sound profitable? It is.


    The music in the video below was created by Crimzon, we liked it, so we asked his permission to use it. We credited him so that everyone knows who owns the rights, we didn’t buy the rights to it, so if Crimzon wishes, he can license it to someone else for a fee.



    Aside from the money-spinner that this could become, you can use your copyright to fend off any accusers that say that you have stolen their work. For example, if this piece of writing turns up elsewhere with someone else’s name in the by-line and I get no credit= I get angry. I can prove I wrote this using my copyright certificate, or simply, using the date that this was published. I win; copycat with no imagination loses.


    You can copyright and protect a lot of creative works using this method as long as the work is tangible. This means it has to be more than an‘idea’. I could not have protected the idea of this article; I can only protect the article itself. Same goes for music, images, manuscripts, artwork, scripts and film–the list goes on.


    In the case of Megaupload, it has been shut down because of ‘copyright infringement’. Basically, the site’s owners have been accused of permitting people to upload and download films, which they didn’t have permission FROM the copyright holder to do. Permission can only come from the owner (e.g. you, the reader of this article, cannot give anyone else permission to publish this—it’s mine not yours.)


    What’s next for copyright law enforcement? Stay tuned…


    In the meantime, Copyright your work with our simple and easy-to-use service.


    © Ife Adedeji 2012

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