Banking on Fashion

    London Fashion Week is here! The Right Copy has been holding its breath for London to come alive with the sound of heels and the air to fill with a sense of creativity. We’ve been particularly waiting to tell you about the fashion label Funlayo Deri and its designer.


    Because of course, what would this most fascinating event be without designers – both fashion and set?


    Designers are the people that make things happen and Miss Funmilayo Csilla Deri is no exception. Highly familiar with the intricate details and organisation behind the glitz and the glamour that we see, she explained to The Right Copy how she and many designers marry their imagination to paper and take their designs to the catwalk.


    Although she didn’t start her adult career in fashion, ‘I’ve always been surrounded by creativity’, she told The Right Copy, ‘From a very young age, mum and I used to sew; my grandmother was also a designer’.


    In fact the label Funlayo Deri successfully launched in March 2011 after Funmi decided to leave the Swiss banking world and take sewing lessons, she then moved back to London and that’s when people began to take notice. Funmilayo Deri is a designer that has caught the attention of the Americans and the British alike. Her collections have made appearances in New York as well as Africa.


    The process of creating something of great quality, whether it is a book or film starts with research. ‘The last two collections that I did, I started by sketching and decided on a theme, I watched films and visited museums’, with her trusty companion, her research book, Funmilayo was able to literally take her ideas to the drawing board and off into reality. ‘I draw, draw and draw again, then edit and start sourcing fabrics’. This time however, Funmilayo has taken a slightly different route and has started her process by choosing her fabrics first. ‘It’s an interesting way of working’ she said.


    It is natural that as creatives we want to share, ‘the most exciting part of the process seeing the final piece being worn.’ but it is also difficult to see your drawing board ideas also featured elsewhere without your permission. ‘It would be ideal if one’s designs could be protected’, said Funmilayo, ‘Sometimes you create something and you’ll see that another designer has done something similar and they may not necessarily have copied your work’.


    In fashion it has been done and done again, but whether it’s in banking or design Funmilayo’s method equals success and there’s no reason why you can’t achieve in the creative world too she says. ‘A lot of people have the talent to create, but you also need good business sense and the love for it to succeed.’


    Great designs are copied; smart designers copyright their work.


    Create. Protect. Share

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