General Fiasco Gig

    At first glance, it’s easy to mistake General Fiasco for a boyband. Not one of those 90s ballad-singing boybands but the slightly rougher noughties type who ‘actually play their own instruments’, but are too polished to be real rockstars. There are a few things that could lead you to this conclusion with General Fiasco: they arrive onstage at this Glasgow gig in The Arches sporting stylish floppy hairdos, casual tops and checked shirts, led by undoubtedly the cutest frontman in history, Owen Strathern. Then there’s the fact that the crowd is made up primarily of screaming teenage girls.




    So you might think ‘boyband’ when you see them but as soon as they start to play you realise you’re wrong. This Northern Irish four-piece has a sound that is a mixture of everything from Jimmy Eat World to Vampire Weekend and Foo Fighters to The Strokes. They really are excellent musicians, with songs like I’m Not Made Of Eyes showing off their skill. There’s an added energy to their live performances that doesn’t come through when you listen to their recordings. In every song, even the new ones, they get the crowd jumping and dancing. In fact, during their anthem, Ever So Shy, a mini circle pit forms and there’s even a crowd surfer. Now you wouldn’t see that at a McFly concert!


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    It may be a small gig but the crowd is clearly full of true fans so familiar with the songs that Strathern keeps going quiet to let them finish lines. During a brilliant solo acoustic version of Sinking Ships he actually stops for a whole verse to let them sing it for him, loud and word perfect.





    As mentioned before, a lot of the crowd were teenage girls but don’t let that put you off seeing them if you don’t fall into this gender/age group! General Fiasco sound a lot harder than they look and they put on a great show. They played a varied set with a mixture of old and new songs, including excellent forthcoming single, Don’t You Ever.




    The only disappointment for me was that they didn’t play their album’s title track, Buildings. With its angsty lyrics and epic musical accompaniment I’d have loved to have experienced it live. But I’ve forgiven them already; it’s hard to stay angry at a band with a singer as cute as Owen Strathern.

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