This is the Remix

    So we’ve covered how and why you protect your work , but how can you make sure that when you get a bright idea you haven’t actually taken a large chunk of it from someone else’s Intellectual Property?


    We all start out copying people from the day of our birth, as children we copy what we hear and then expand on it through our imaginations. Making sure that you expand enough away from your influence is key to avoiding rights issues. Kirby Ferguson’s short film explains.



    Designers whose inspirations may have started from completely different points sometimes end up having the same finish end up on someone else’s catwalk, and at other times it can be deliberate.



    You cannot always guarantee that your work is completely original; ‘Sometimes you create something and you’ll see that another designer has done something similar and they may not necessarily have copied your work’. Designer Funlayo Deri told us.


    Publishers often use illustrations owned by other publishers, they ask the owner for permission to reproduce the illustration, this can be free, but is usually at a cost.


    Producers/musicians remix music all the time and this is often just a case of getting permission to reproduce the lyrics or chorus. For more information visit Performing Right Society (PRS).


    Do your research, find out who owns the rights to something that you want to use and ask them politely if you can borrow it. There are people that can help you with this.


    The Intellectual Property office has a simple search option to aid you, and did you know that there areattorneys/lawyers that can help you too?

    For a great example of intellectual property remixed, check out this Shakkapella, remind you of anyone?



    © Ife Adedeji 2012

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