K Koke Volume II Roc Nation/Sony RCA

    It may seem as if he’s come out nowhere but K Koke has been doing his rounds on the music circuit for a while now, he created such a buzz when his Fire in the Booth freestyle reached over 1million views, and now Jay Z’s Roc Nation have signed him.



    This grafter sold 10,000 of his first EP ‘Koke Volume I’ independently. The north-west Londoner says ‘I don’t really know why people related to me, I just know that they were digging me after that mixtape.’


    His ode to his mother, Mama ft. Jaga is exactly one of the reasons why people relate to him. This track is full of emotion and displays his Caribbean influences, which run throughout the EP.


    Koke Volume II offers five tracks of Brit Hop that stands up loud and proud. Almost every track features a collaboration, which work to highlight his talent and keep it entertaining.


    Koke Volume II is out this Sunday

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