Adithio Opens up a Pandora’s Box of Film Treats

    Adithio’s pieces are stylistically refined his films raw, using long takes that allow the camera to move with him. He employs sound and music effectively to create energy and whether working with documentary or music videos, there's always immediacy to his work. ‘Simplicity and a natural feel is what I thrive and work towards. Capturing the emotions that performers give out, or simply sitting there with my camera on record, listening to what people would have to say.’ Adithio told TheRightCopy.




    Working on a shoestring budget, Adithio manages to create works of professional quality such as his video featuring YOUR OPINION.




    How does he do it? ‘I ask around for favours and build makeshift lights. When there is a will, there is a way.’ he said. While these favours have enabled him to make his budget stretch, Adithio uses other methods to ensure that his videos maintain an authentic feel. ‘The unaltered locations give out the raw and genuine element to each story. These techniques have helped me in ways to think creatively. To go into a location, not knowing what it may look like, what obstacles would come our way is a design challenge in which artists, photographers or filmmakers would love to take up.’ Adithio explained.



    A filmmaker’s favourite tool is the camera and Adithio’s attachment to his is by no means an exception ‘I work a lot with my Canon 7D, she is my baby and has been a massive influence on my work. As she’s hand-held - when there is a particular moment I want to catch on film, I simply just take her out of my bag and shoot.’






    Understanding the benefits of collaborations has been key to Adithio’s success in producing engaging videos, his method to what can be madness depending on who you work with, is simple. ‘For music videos I encourage the artists to share their ideas and I feed off that. It’s quite different for documentaries, as you can’t really script real life. I listen to the story at hand, and decide what would be the best way in showing it through video.’



    There seems to be nothing more important than building a team when collaborating ‘Relationship is key’ Adithio told us. ‘The rapport between the subject and me has to be a factor, in making a strong image. The bond the performer has with the camera, or the connection the music would have on the scene, is one importance of making an intriguing piece of work.’




    Working on music videos and documentaries give Adithio the best of both worlds, and it takes a certain type of skill to be able to move from something serious, to something a that demands less research ‘There are a lot of voices that need to be heard, a lot of stories that needs telling. In an ideal world, you would want to amplify all of these to your audience. Sometimes, I think I dream big and forget that the more interesting stories are right there in front of me.




    Pandora’s Box


    ‘Very recently I have taken up a commitment of being a Creative Director for an up and coming television pilot show called “Pandora’s Box”. This is a show that helps raise social awareness and presents a platform for the voiceless.’


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