Binge Drinking – Helium Robots

    Following on from a recent free download EP, Helium Robots will soon be giving listeners the chance to hear a full album. The electronica duo have announced that they will be releasing their debut album ‘Voltopia’ later this year, after the release of their first single ‘Bring Drinking’, which is available to listen to here.


    Helium Robots, who describe their songs as ‘melodic, haunting, slightly wonky’, originally consisted of only Ewan Willmott but in 2007, after the release of tracks ‘Metallic Dawn’ and ‘Long Lost’, he was joined by Lydia Jones. The pair say they ‘were both raised on a diet of pianos and brought together through a love of electronic music’, which is certainly clear when you listen to their tracks. Since joining forces, they have made their own music, realising their debut EP ‘Jarza’ back in January, and have also produced remixes of others’ songs, including one of Lana Del Rey’s ‘Video Games’ last year.


    The new single ‘Bring Drinking’ is an unusual song with an interesting ghostly quality to it. Yet it feels like there is something missing. There is no build up of layers within the music so it quickly starts to sound a little flat and repetitive. The song isn’t full enough to truly hold its own as an instrumental. Perhaps having some soft vocals over the top of the music would have added greater depth to it.


    ‘Bring Drinking’ has been released through This Is Music and will be accompanied by a remix from Tuff City Kids, AKA Gerd Janson and Phillip Lauer. Their remix loses the ethereal quality that Helium Robots strived for in the original, but it actually sounds slightly better overall, largely thanks to the way it gradually builds up the depth of the music as the song progresses.




    Follow @SarahMarie_M who graduated in July with a joint honours degree in Journalism and Creative Writing and English. I’m currently working as a sales assistant in a jewellers whilst searching for a job that is more related to my course! I’m involved in lots of creative activities, including writing, backstage work for theatre productions, volunteering with a community radio station and I’m on the editorial team for new creative writing magazine Octavius.

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