Take it to The Bridge

    This London – based producer who has worked with top grime artists including Wiley, Manga and up–and-coming rappers like Infecta, takes TheRightCopy behind the music and tells us what happens when a Lover’s Rock singer and a DJ meet.


    In this case, they create an offspring called The Bridge (ok-not his real name).

    If you’ve ever dabbled in music production then you’ll understand the thrill of the process and the contentment of getting things done. ‘Back when Grime first became popular, I started experimenting; slowly people were giving me feedback. I began to take it seriously by sending beats to artists.’




    He’s called ‘The Bridge’ because his early critics always sat up and listened at the bridge. ‘The bridge of a song is the break down, it comes just before the chorus’, he explained. ‘People used to tell me that I could make a track based on the bridge alone.’

    Although ‘RnB is my favourite genre’, The Bridge is highly influenced by classical music, which has him experimenting with his sound. ‘I try to make my music sound as live as possible, as if there is an orchestra playing’ he told us, which makes sense when he names talented violinist Adaggio as a friend.


    So we know about the Timbalands and Neptunes out there, but are we sure on what producers really do? The Bridge explained just how important a producer is and how they work with artists. ‘People associate producers with beats, however, it’s only a small part of what we do. We work with the artist, creating a concept.’ But producers aren’t only the ideas men, they have to get technical too The Bridge continued, ‘Producers mix down, separating frequencies, finishing the product, because if you don’t get all the technical stiff right, an amazing track could just sound standard.’

    Like any art, music takes passion and dedication, working independently The Bridge admits that there have been times when he’s just wanted to give up. ‘The love of it keeps me going, there have been times when I have gotten rid of my equipment and then had to get it back because I can’t stop making music.’

    So if you want passion and dedication behind your music, then perhaps you should take it to The Bridge.



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