The first beat on ‘Thunderbird’ will make you sit up, listen and watch this Berlin resident. The attention-grabbing track is what club and radio DJs have been waiting for.


    This is a creative artist that knows what he’s doing when it comes to production, could he be a rival to mainstay producers?


    Not really sure where to start; is it the beat, is it the swagger, is it the video that features Thunderbird Gerard and three dancers in the desert? It’s probably all of that and more.


     If ‘Thunderbird’ is the starter, then TheRightCopy cannot wait for this artist to serve us the main meal, his album; ‘Year 1’. Described as ‘An emotional and intelligent tale of the journey from Smalltown USA via Slumtown London to current Hometown Berlin’, the album, ‘Year 1’ is certainly creating some anticipation with BBC 6 radio DJ Tom Robinson saying,


    'Remember the name'


    Thunderbird Gerard is due in the UK this autumn and we never had a reason to wish the summer away, but this may be one. While we all wait feel free to have this track on replay.


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