Hurricane – MS MR

    MS MR are a somewhat enigmatic duo from New York City. Even in this modern technological world, where the internet ensures that almost nothing manages to remain a secret, little is known about this band. All I can tell you for sure is that they make haunting synthy pop music, that they like to hide behind their band name, furtively refusing to give away many details about themselves and that this month saw the release off their new single, ‘Hurricane’.


    There’s something inexplicably familiar about this track’s sound. It feels rather nineties but there’s still a more contemporary quality too. The distinct female voice leads the music. Her vocals are wistful and echoing; contrasting nicely with the solid drumbeat and eerie orchestration beneath. The first verse especially, wouldn’t sound out of place played over the end credits of an indie movie.


    The music video for ‘Hurricane’, with its montage of retro videos and photos, is reminiscent of the one that accompanies Lana Del Rey’s ‘Video Games’. The band name ‘MS MR’ flashes across the screen at points throughout the video, but the two band members themselves never obviously appear in it, adding to the air of mystery they are clearly trying to exude.


    MS MR are at risk of breaking down their shadowy image this summer, however, as they support Marina and the Diamonds’ American tour. It would be interesting to see how the band and their music translate onto stage.


    ‘Hurricane’ is a difficult song to describe. I had to listen to it a few times before I began to like it fully and, even as it grew on me, I wasn’t sure what I was liking and why.


    Intrigued? Have a listen yourself and see what you make of them.


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