Into the Fast Lane with Benin City

    Benin City’s new single ‘Accelerate’ may be a lot more in-your-face than the haunting first single ‘Baby’, but it wouldn’t be surprising if it receives a similar level of critical acclaim. Joshua Idehen once again takes the vocals, and the intensity of his voice combined with an array of instruments (including horns) makes for a fresh, exciting tune.


    As well as Joshua, the band consisting Theo Buckingham (Drums), Faye Treacy (Trombone/BVs) and Tom Leaper (Tenor Saxophone/Samples/Synths) who despite only releasing ‘Baby’ in May have already had Metro’s ‘Single of the Week’ and airplay on BBC3’s The Verb and Huey Morgan’s show on BBC6. They have also gained some celebrity followers in the shape of Mark Lamarr and Craig Charles, suggesting that Benin City is here to stay. Their star is obviously on the rise, and the addictive nature of ‘Accelerate’ will ensure that their success will continue to progress.


    The song itself creeps up on the listener, until it is suddenly the only thing that is whirling around in their head. For some it may be a bit of a grower rather than making an immediate impact, but once it does grow on you, you will never tire of it. The simple beginning which then builds up to include more instruments and shouty backing vocals (which luckily never overpower) combined with an abrupt ending leaves you wanting more. The single is released digitally on 17th September on Audio Doughnuts, and the good news is that the band is also working on an album. Overall, ‘Accelerate’ is catchy, electrifying and perfect for providing you with some motivation to power through a task you’d rather avoid.


    Follow Sam Watson an English/Journalism and Creative Writing graduate. I am attempting to do something useful with my degree whilst also inhabiting the strange twilight world that is full-time nightshift (although I do enjoy completely disgusting my boyfriend by eating a curry at eight in the morning). In my spare time I watch endless repeats of How I Met Your Mother, learn useless information from Pointless and lose badly on SongPop.

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