Theatre Review: Celebrity Night at Cafe Red

    This is literally a series of very amusing awkward moments occuring within the space of an hour.

    Lily Bevan’s ‘Celebrity Night at Café Red’ centres around the character of chef Roly Ryan who can be described most accurately as a self-obsessed and over-confident cook who is verging on the edge of insanity.



    Set within the intimate French-themed restaurant ‘Café Red’, celebrity chef Roly is in competition with two rival chefs and needs the diners to score him highly. His chosen menu however, might be a little too adventurous even for traditional French diners.



    A miming/dancing and singing waitress played by Alys Metcalf, a Maître d, a couple lost in translation, a love struck and slightly obsessed fan who can’t take the hint and Roly make this production a sure-fire hit with theatre goers.



    The script is a well-written mix of comedic ingenuity and the actors deliver their respective lines so well culminating in a thoroughly enjoyable show.



    Box Office 0844 871 7627




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