Brandy’s New Album – ‘Two Eleven’

    The 13 tracks on Two Eleven range from few up-tempo club-worthy mixes, as exciting as the lead track Put it Down featuring Chris Brown, to whiney gleam-free songs such asWildest Dreams, containing lyrics; ‘It seemed I had it all, that’s what they thought, but I was peeling like paint on the wall, had to cover up the hurt’. These lyrics will trigger off anyone with an inclination to press the next button.





    The problem: Brandy’s sound has not developed. Two Eleven is a combination of 2002’s Full Moon album and 2004’s Afrodisiac; no one wants to buy the same album they bought when they were 18. A decade later women want to hear something more lyrically challenging. But if she were to backslide, Brandy should take inspiration from her former feisty onscreen character Moesha, who had a lot more kick than this album.




    However, things have changed since Brandy’s signature layered vocals were first laid down in 1998. Two Eleven is not quite the potent mixture of strong lyrical creativity, balanced evenly with expert production skills required for an effective return to the popular music scene.




    Brandy has sold more than 40 million albums worldwide, but her sixth studio attempt is suffering from Ciara-itus - lack of evolution and overly reminiscent of what she’s produced before.




    'Two Eleven' is out October 15



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