The Enemy Rock Glasgow

    The Enemy are one of those bands that are best heard live. Since their 2007 debut album, ‘We’ll Live and Die in These Towns’, the band have consistently released great tunes but being at one of their gigs reminds you just how many anthems they actually have. The best thing about The Enemy is that they write songs with choruses you can easily sing along to, so even those not so familiar with their music wouldn’t feel left out when seeing them live.




    I was lucky enough to catch them at the Glasgow date of their current UK tour. The music was excellent and the depth of the band’s sound was astounding, thanks particularly to the powerful drumming from Liam Watts. During their heavier tunes like ‘Aggro’ you could feel the music going right through you. The audience was clearly full of people who completely loved The Enemy, shouting along to the words and crowd surfing right from the opening notes. In fact bassist Andy Hopkins even joined in the crowd surfing during the band’s closing song (losing a shoe in the process thanks to a footwear-pinching fan), showing the band were obviously having as much fun as the crowd. I should add that I’m not really sure if all their gigs are quite as insane as this one was or if it’s just Glaswegian fans that become frenzied when The Enemy are around.




    The band’s current tour comes after the release of their third album, ‘Streets in the Sky’, earlier this year. If you liked their last two albums then this will definitely not disappoint. With the same energy and defiant sound as the previous records, plus Tom Clarke’s distinctive vocals, the result is unmistakably The Enemy. The latest single to be taken from album is called ‘This Is Real’. It doesn’t instantly stand out as much as the record’s other singles, it’s really more of a slow burner. Released on 22nd October through Cooking Vinyl, it also features on EA Sports FIFA 13 EP.


    The only major disappointment for me about the gig was the omission of the band’s first single ‘40 Days and 40 Nights’ from the set list but, besides that, they did play a balanced mix of old and new tunes, along with a great cover of the classic James tune ‘Sit Down’. Other highlights for me included ‘Sing When You’re in Love’, ‘Gimme the Sign’ and ‘You’re Not Alone’ which ended the show.




    It’d been some time since I’d thought about giving The Enemy a listen but the gig has certainly reignited my love for them. If you get the chance, definitely go see them.




    ‘This Is Real’ is out today.


    Reviewed by Sarah Marie Mooney who graduated in 2011 with a joint honours in ‘Journalism and Creative Writing’ and ‘English’. she’s passionate about writing, particularly poetry, also helps edit a creative writing magazine called Octavius (@octaviumag). Sarah Marie also loves film, theatre and radio and her dream career would be in production in one of those areas. In the meantime she’s paying the bills by working as a secretary in a solicitors office.

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