Hansel and Gretel

    A potentially interesting take on a traditional fairytale, ‘Hansel and Gretel: Witch Hunters’ contemplates what happened to the brother and sister after they escaped from the witch with the confectionary house in the woods. Of course, they didn’t simply go on to lead normal and happy lives – would you if you were nearly eaten by a blind old witch? – They instead became bounty hunters, chasing witches all over the world. This film shows the siblings become involved in a situation much more dangerous than ever before, as they attempt to find five children all who went missing within the space of two weeks.



    Starring Jeremy Renner (‘Avengers Assemble’, ‘The Bourne Legacy’) and Gemma Arterton (‘Tamara Drewe’, ‘St. Trinian’s’, Quantum of Solace) as the brother and sister duo, the trailer suggests a fast-paced action movie with some dark humour thrown in. The slightly surreal premise based on ‘The Brothers Grimm’ tale will either make the film an entertaining deviance from the other well-worn formats constantly circling Hollywood, or else it will drown in its own ridiculousness, never to be remembered. Initial viewings of the trailer suggest that it will probably tread the line between both. The film has echoes of ‘Van Helsing’ and ‘Buffy the Vampire Slayer’, and alongside the wry one-liners and potential goriness (beheading witches with string anyone?), it implies that it will be aimed at older teenagers.


    The film is due out in the UK in March 2013, whether it’s moderately entertaining, slightly daft or just plain stupid, it will probably be worth a mosey down to the cinema for a look.




    Follow Sam Watson an English/Journalism and Creative Writing graduate who is attempting to do something useful with her degree whilst also ensuring the bills are paid. She loves film, radio, television and books and her ideal job would magically combine them all. In the meantime she’s quite happy to watch endless repeats of How I Met Your Mother, learn useless information from Pointless and lose badly on Songpop.

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