Django Unchained

    Quentin Tarantino will soon be delivering his latest offering to British cinemas, and after watching the trailer; it appears there isn’t going to be a massive change of direction for the award-winning director. ‘Django Unchained’ is both written and directed by Tarantino and as is usual for his films there is plenty of style, plenty of quirkiness, plenty of dark humour and of course, plenty of star names. Jamie Foxx, Christoph Waltz, Leonardo DiCaprio, Samuel L. Jackson and a cameo from Jonah Hill is just some of the variety of Hollywood talent on show.



    The story is set in South America, two years before the civil war and it revolves around Django (Foxx), a slave who teams up with German-born bounty hunter Dr King Shultz (Waltz), after Shultz offers Django his freedom in exchange for leading him to the ‘murderous’ Brittle Brothers. Once this task is completed, Django decides to continue working with Shultz and begins to focus on finding and rescuing his wife Broomhilda (Kerry Washington) whom he lost when she entered the slave trade years before.


    This search eventually leads Django and Shultz to Calvin Candie (DiCaprio) who owns “Candyland”, where slaves are groomed by trainer Ace Woody (Kurt Russell) to then battle each other for sport. Candie’s trusted slave Stephen (L.Jackson) becomes suspicious of the pair and their real reason for being at Candyland, making the mission to save Broomhilda even more difficult and dangerous than before.


    It appears the star of this film will be DiCaprio, who from the brief viewing appears to relish his role as the loathsome Candie and certainly demands all the attention when he appears on screen. The film itself seems like typical Tarantino fare and although it may not win him any new fans, ‘Django Unchained’ certainly seems to be a decent film and therefore will be unlikely to lose him any either.


    In Cinemas January 18


    Follow Sam Watson an English/Journalism and Creative Writing graduate who is attempting to do something useful with her degree whilst also ensuring the bills are paid. She loves film, radio, television and books and her ideal job would magically combine them all. In the meantime she’s quite happy to watch endless repeats of How I Met Your Mother, learn useless information from Pointless and lose badly on Songpop.

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