TheRightFilm: Hitchcock, NO, Dead Bodies, I Give it a Year

    Not sure what to see at the cinema, neither were we. The list below mightn’t make it easier either. Sorry. We’ve picked four films out this week, a diverse bunch all vying for your attention like the middle child, but it’s up to you to choose TheRightFilm.


    There’s the Academy Award nominated NO; set in 1988 it explores how a small opposition group in Chile fought Pinochet’s dictatorship. It’s not your usual uprising; in fact the band of men apparently used the non-violent means of happiness to make a stand.



    Then there’s I Give it a Year, which judging by this trailer, will be a laugh a minute. Actress Rose Byrne’s and Rafe Spall’s characters marry and despite their differences they do believe in their relationship. However, nobody else does.



    When your boyfriend hangs out with a bunch of deadbeats, you know that it’s a recipe for disaster. Can love change a man? This film seems to suggest so. Starring British actor Nicholas Hoult, Dead Bodies is a romcom- zombie movie that only Hollywood could come up with. John Malkovich’s in it too so we’ll give it a chance.



    Thought we’d forgotten about the film Hitchcock, we may have left it last, but it’s at the top of our ‘to watch’ list. We want to know how the directorial master worked his magic on the Psycho set; how he persuaded financial backers and muses to work with him and how he shocked the audience. Anthony Hopkins, Helen Mirren and Scarlett Johansson star in the film.



    Start watching them all from Friday.

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