Painting Big with Rowan Newton

    Random women send me naked pictures”


    Rowan says that most of his clients are female. Even though the illustrations, sketches and paintings, that are mainly of women, aren’t self portraits and the subjects are sometimes wearing little to nothing at all. ‘Women are the majority of my buyers and they’re more likely to buy an image of a body. Once a piece of art’s got a face to it, it’s almost as if it’s an image of a past girlfriend’, he reveals.


    His most recognised work (Pulling Power) of a woman’s derriere has brought commissions and sometimes a little more. ‘Random women send me naked pictures’ he admits.




    Rowan Newton: Pulling Power

    Rowan Newton: Pulling Power


    Creative Control


    The life of an artist isn’t all about doing what you want or painting women, Rowan reveals it can be quite the opposite, well, at least to start with. ‘There are times when I get a commission and I think that I don’t want to do it and then I get into it and think I’m enjoying this.’ he says.


    His work has evolved since his first commission at the age of 12 and today Rowan is facing new challenges, ‘I’m learning how to paint on a larger scale and with bigger blocks of colour; I’ve got to learn to paint big.’


    While he’s ready and willing to take on and develop new skills, he’s also aware of his limitations, he tells me, ‘If disney said come up with a cartoon, I wouldn’t be able to draw something like Spongebob; but I see colours, when I look at you I can see where the green is’, he tells me.


    He’s learning to paint big, but he’s not forgetting the smaller tasks, which include his daily sketches; he tells me that they don’t take very long. That’s because practise makes you – if not perfect – pretty damn good. ’I think you’ve got to do it all the time.’ he says and explains that unfortunately he didn’t before. ’A mistake that I used to make was only painting once I’d sold the painting I did before.’ Not that he ever has to wait very long, ’I've been really lucky, everything I’ve done has sold.’ he smiles.


    Here’s Rowan’s latest work: A Response to a Distant Echo of Pain.


    Rowan Newton: A Response to a Distant Echo of Pain

    Rowan Newton: A Response to a Distant Echo of Pain


    There’s a bit more Rowan in our interview below, for news and updates visit:


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