TheRightFilm: Beautiful Creatures, This is 40, A Good day to Die Hard‏

    Who says you have to choose just one film? Ok, last week we did, but why not watch all of this week’s offerings which include comedy, a little bit of fantasy and action?


    Our first film welcomes you to married life at 40. When director Judd Apatow and actor Paul Rudd get together, they hardly ever disappoint, so we’re looking forward to this ‘sort-of-sequel-to’ Knocked Up. Out this week This is 40 features the Irish charmer Chris O’Dowd and comedienne Leslie Mann.



    Bruce Willis is back and we’ll leave you to decide whether that’s a good thing. In A Good Day to Die Hard action star Willis reprises the role of good cop John McClane. A trip to Russia reunites him with his estranged son Jack, however it also sparks off a chain of exciting events.



    Is this able to fill the void left by the werewolf and vampire saga that was Twilight? Beautiful Creatures probably isn’t trying to be, yet the storyline isn’t too dissimilar. This time the roles have switched, the female lead has all the power and now we’re dealing with sorcery.




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