Save Our Scripts is Open for Submissions

    Tristan sounded slightly uncomfortable being called the ‘creator’ of this three-year-old programme, ‘It’s a bit of a funny title isn’t it?’ he laughed. But he did give birth to this particular programme that partners writers up with producers. Still in its infancy, Save Our Scripts (SOS) is however, demanding and gaining more attention.


    TheRightCopy spoke to producer Tristan Goligher about the 7-month long programme, which opened to applicants on Monday. ‘It’s about getting producers and writers together’ Tristan told us that writers and producers will work together and are supported by The Bureau through the stages of creating a feature-length film script.


    Built around workshops and seminars, SOS is encouraging writers with a ‘singular voice’ to enter. The selection process is rigourous with a handful out of hundreds selected by external readers and a final panel. Tristan gives an important piece of advice for applicants that wish to take part and creatives in general; ‘Be as original as possible’, says Tristan. ‘Trust your own voice as much as possible, we get a lot of people mimicking other people’s work and it strikes less of a chord.’


    In the seven months of workshops and seminars, producers ‘who usually come from varied backgrounds and don’t have creative experience’ will get to work with three- six writers. ‘In the real world that would usually take three years, so this is a fast-track to developing experience and they’ll get hands on support’ says Tristan.


    The chosen participants will also get the opportunity to hear from special guest speakers. Past speakers include Slumdog Millionaire screenwriter Simon Beaufoy.


    Success Stories


    ‘We’ve had good results’, says Tristan, 2010 graduate Ed Aldridge’s SOS script landed him an agent and funding from the BFI. Another former SOS participant Charlotte Boulay Goldsmith, ‘is working with a very high profile director’.


    Visit to apply for this great opportunity.

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