The Minimalist Approach - Logo Designer Tanmay Goswami

    The Right Copy caught up with logo designer Tanmay Goswami who trades under the moniker "Tickey".

    Hailing from Rajasthan in India, Tanmay first started drawing and designing early in his childhood. After being encouraged by friends and family, he eventually forged a career creating logos.

    Drawing inspiration from the legendary graphic designers Paul Rand as well as Raja Sandhu, Bernd Mirbach, Paul Saksin and George Bokhua, Tanmay takes a minimalist approach to his work.

    "I'm able to visualise things, which weren’t there at the start, and for me there's a joy in seeing the hidden things,”                                                      

    He works from hand-drawn sketches, and then uses Adobe Illustrator to refine the design. Tanmay's minimalist approach gives him a unique, yet memorable style.

    Tanmay faced problems in regards to his designs being copied and when asked about the importance of ownership he told us, “It's frustrating, not because someone is using my work without my permission, but it raises unnecessary questions about my dedication towards the guarantee I given to my clients. I am happy to see that The Right Copy is working for the protection of people's intellectual property.”

    Email :-,

    Twitter :- tanmaylogoswami

    Facebook :- tanmay.goswami.31

    Instagram, Skype, LinkdIn :- tanmay.goswami


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