Food For Thought - Adrian Ronaldo Ben

    “I checked out your official website and couple videos your youtube videos, and discovered an artist called George The Poet. I’d never heard of him until now and I am really impressed, love his work and flow,” says Aldo.


    The Right Copy caught up with Adrian Ronaldo Bent  (Aldo Bent) from Ossining, New York to discuss how he got into poetry. The aspiring artist explained that music and his everyday experiences influence his creativity. “I listen to music everyday so artists including Capital Steez, Joey Bada$$ Childish Gambino, Alexander Spit etc offer more food for thought. Their lyrics inspire me to think more about the bigger perspective of life, and have helped me become more aware of my surroundings,” says Aldo.



    He is currently working on developing his music and carving out his own distinctive sound, because he feels that it is important never to be labelled or put in a box.

    He credits Sony Movie Platinum 12.0 and Sound Forge Audio Studio as the useful tools, which are helping him fine tune his sound. However, his true goal lays in the desire to “reach people, I want to wake them up, I really want to show that there's more than clothing and materialistic stuff in life,” says Aldo.


    Adrian Bent
    10/24/14 (8/7/13)

    "My perspective on Emotions"

    What does it really mean to be happy?
    Is it possible for my happiness to cause another person sadness.
    Or vice versa...

    I pictured emotions, as 6th grade students, that change the way they perceive themselves.
    Happiness has a bunch of friends and depression is sitting all by himself. 
    "Anger" picks on "Sadness," and "Sadness" idolizes "Happiness."
    "Curiosity" is chilling with "Fear," but "Fear" dosen't want to chill with "Curiosity," even though he is using him to
    Flirt with "Honesty."
    Throughout the school years, the emotions we have grew up and changes began.
    In 11th grade you'll realize "Happiness," dosen't have alot of friends.
    "Depression" seem to change and had gain 
    a large majority of friends.
    One of those many friends is "Sadness."
    "Anger" seems to protect "Depression." 
    "Fear," dropped out of school.
    "Curiousity," is smoking herb in the school bathroom stalls. 
    "Honesty," is never really heard about alot.
    12th grade begins,
    This is graduation...
    "Sadness" is valor victorian, and "Fear" had came back to school,
    In the beggining of 12th.

    Toward the end of high school
    "Happiness" had gain back a few friends and "Depression" lost a couple,
    but still is popular in the most part.
    "Honesty," wins the majority of the awards.
    "Curiosity," is held back for, his 3rd year,
    And "Anger" helped the school win the football game.

    Emotions are all different, they change when you change.
    Be you until the end, and don't let the emotions you have 
    define you. 

    - Adrian Bent



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