Arcticparoleum - Musical Duo

    he musical duo 'Arcticparoleum' consists of talented artists Darien Maze and Kimmy, who exercise their gift of songwriting, production and composing to create a unique blend of creative and experimental music, 
    The east Londoners take their musical influences from artists including Marvin Gaye, The Police and Teddy Riley. 
    The duo credits their sound to a variety of experiences be they happy or sad. They claim to use everything or anything to achieve a sound as "everything has a sound".
    What does the future hold for this two? They'll hopefully create a bigger brand and grow their stage presence.  
    Here is a video created by TheRightCopy
    For more information


    Instagram - @saymynameap

    Twitter - @arcticpatorleum

    Soundcloud -

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