Flinder - Activities Based On Weather, Location and Time

    Established by Jan Van Echelpoel in Antwerp, Belgium while sitting at home with his girlfriend is a new and very exciting app. Flinder allows users to find cool things to do based on their location and the weather.


    Jan started his journey into the creative industry and web developing 10 years ago when he and his brother were playing an online browser game called 'Kings of Chaos'. “We were doing pretty great in the game, my brother was ranked number two of 250.000 players so we started a clan, which had a website and forum. Soon enough we had hundreds of members and I began making graphics for the clan and experimenting with web development for the website.”


    With all this new experience gained in a relatively short amount of time he knew he was ready to take on more personal projects. This included creating a browser game and artwork for a friend's band, which in turn led to Jan really becoming passionate about design and development. This new found talent and passion meant spending more and more time after school designing and coding to perfect his craft.


    However the inspiration behind the Flinder app came about on a Sunday when he and his girlfriend were unable to figure out what to do. They searched online and were presented with lots of sites and web apps listing hundreds of possible activities, but they still couldn’t decide on an activity. "That’s when I thought what if there was a mobile app that provided just one idea, based on the weather conditions... and that’s when it all started.”

    Flinder uses your location, time and local weather conditions to find the most suitable activities local to you at the moment of your search.


    What next? Jan plans to launch updates for Flinder and is open to collaborations on exciting projects that may arise in the near future.

    Find out more:

    derapp.com, instagram: http://www.instagram.com/echelpoel, twitter (Flinder): http://www.twitter.com/flinderapp, twitter (personal): http://www.twitter.com/echelpoel, App Store link: https://itunes.apple.com/app/flinder-find-perfect-activities/id977333323, website: http://www.flinderapp.com

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