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    At TheRightCopy we're here to make understanding copyright as easy as possible.

    Today we’re all more or less photographers, whether professional amateur iPhoneographers, and it’s easy for people to be confused as to who actually owns an image or how to protect them.

    Here is a simple break down to help you out...

    Generally every image/photo is protected by copyright. Images taken on mobile phones, digital cameras, photographic film, diagrams and illustrations are included in this list.

    The person who created the image or took the photo owns the copyright of the original image. If you were commissioned, or it is part of your job role to take pictures then your employer would be the owner of that particular copyright.

    Creators can allow others to use their copyright which can come at a fee. Licensing gives a person or an organisation the permission to use a particular piece of work several times and for different purposes. Licenses can be obtained via the creator or by an organisation that have been given the permission from the creator.

    If more than one person created an image then a third party would need the permission from both parties to use the image.

    What if you like an image and decide to change a few things?

    Well if you make significant changes that will not make it identifiable with the original, you've ultimately created a new copyright in which you own. If only a few factors are changed then this could infringe on the original copyright, which could lead to legal action being taken? 

    Images from libraries like Shutterstock etc, set restrictions on how images are used based on what the creator and the third part have agreed. These libraries are a great way for photographers to make capital.

    The copyright of an image lasts the lifetime of the creator plus 70 years after the creator has died. For old images it would be hard to tell if it's still in copyright, so having a date stamp on your images would be a great idea. TheRightCopy keeps a record of the time and date from the time you upload your work via our system.


    The copyright symbol does not have to be seen for copyright to be in existence

    If you do not know who owns an image, this doesn't make it right to use the image. These creations are known as orphan work.

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