Infecta-Dat’s Who It

    Nineteen year-old Southwark resident Infecta is on a mission to inspire and educate.Nineteen year-old Southwark resident Infecta is on a mission to inspire and educate. The youth worker and MC is approaching music in a slightly more positive manner and his tracks are actually quite good.


    ‘Do what you like’ is well on its way to half a million listens on his myspace, so we ask; what is all the hype about and will it be as contagious as his name indicates?


    ‘Do what you like’ can have several interpretations Infecta told us, but the most important being that whatever you are doing, make sure that it is positive. It’s an upbeat track that had our heads bopping to the somewhat cartoon-like beat.


    Having performed on various stages with other ‘urban’ artists like Scorcher and Egypt, Infecta has the experience of working a crowd. The unsigned artist is however, looking for that big break, a deal that could have him hitting number one spots like fellow artists Tinchy Stryder and Tinie Tempah.


    Having worked with signed artists Wretch 32, Infecta should be getting some recognition very soon, so we are telling you to keep an eye out for the guy who once rejected his stage name. ‘A friend at school gave me the tag when graffiti was all the rage, I wasn’t really keen on it at the time, it reminded me of the word “Terminator”, but then we took off the “ER” and added an “A” and I thought that was cool.’


    A champion of the youth, Infecta has been a mentor and role model for several years now, but only began to grow conscious about his lyrics when a close friend died, ‘I remember hearing about the stabbing, and the person was blaming it on the music that they were listening to, so I thought, let me not be a hypocrite, what if someone blamed the music that I made for their actions?’


    So here he is keeping it real, keeping it feel-good, we say, keep it up.

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