Wasted On The Shelf

    This album has been on constant rotation in my CD player for the past four days.This album has been on constant rotation in my CD player for the past four days. Lauren Pritchard’s debut offering ‘Wasted in Jackson’ is out on Monday and I am not hyping when I say that there is not a filler track on there.


    Island have a quality artist, and from track number one ‘Stuck’, to track 11 ‘When the night kills the day’, you are swaying, howling, humming or whatever constitutes holding a tune in your opinion and have a general feeling of money well spent.


    When it comes down to it, it’s all about quality, not quantity and Pritchard has understood that. With a great band behind her she has produced an album that can be appreciated by people of her own age and way beyond.


    Born and raised in Jackson Tennessee, Pritchard is now based in London, but has lived in LA and performed on Broadway in New York for two years. Only 22 she has achieved a lot, a record deal and a soulful album in a year. Her southern roots can be heard in tracks such as ‘Bad Time to Fall’, which may be about the heartbreak that she suffered just before running off to LA where she lived with Lisa Marie Presley.


    Listening to the album you’ll be wondering when you’ll get a chance to hear her live.As a whole it is good but there are some songs, which will blow you away. ‘Not the Drinking’, ‘I hope it’s you’, ‘No Way’ and ‘Painkillers’ sold me on the first listen and the album is rounded off nicely with the powerful ‘When the Night Kills the Day’.


    There’s a Roni Size remix of the single ‘Painkillers’, which gave me a headache but perhaps that was the intention.


    An album to be proud of, everyone involved has got it so right, nothing has had me so excited since ‘Asa’

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