Lamonte Lets Out The Lion

    Duane Lamonte has been onstage in the hit show Daddy Cool, on TV in the popular series Grange Hill and the much discussed X-Factor, however when will he be on our IPODs?


    The 25-year old nearly hit it big the second time round on the ITV talent show that catapulted RnB stongstress Leona Lewis to stardom. Although Duane only made it to the top 6, Diane Vickers and JLS are living proof that sometimes it really is the taking part that counts.


    How would you describe your sound?


    Wow- Interesting… My sound is a collective of various but primarily ‘Pop/RnB’, I am a Soulful singer who enjoys incorporating various sounds such as Dance, Jazz, Lovers Rock and Jazz.


    What are you working on now and who are you working with?


    Well since X-Factor I have been working with an amazing production company called ‘Phrased Differently’. We have been working on song-writing, production, performance and vocal technique. I have recorded my promo-album and soon to be releasing my debut single “Lion (Let It Roar)” early 2011.


    Aims and targets for the next year?


    Next year is gonna be a very busy year for me. With the debut release of ‘Lion (Let It Roar)’ happening early in the year I will be on various promotional gigs and appearances, I will also be releasing my second single as well. My aim is to be a signed artist by the end of 2011 – And I’m not ending the year until that happens!!! LOL


    Why did you go on the X-Factor?


    I always believe in taking all opportunities and to strive for what you believe in. X-Factor is a great way to expose your talent and also to get to understand yourself more as an artist and your own personal desires as a Musician. It was a great way to elevate myself as an artist and I wouldn’t change anything about the experience, plus it was great meeting Simon Cowell and know his opinion about me musically.


    What is It like watching this year’s contestants?


    This years contestants are very interesting. I don’t feel it is as diverse as previous years (especially Alexandra Burke’s year) but its always interesting to see what a year of X-Factor has to bring.


    Do you have a favourite?


    My favourite and who I think will win are two different things… Sooooo…. my favourite is: Matt Cardle and who I think will win is: ONE DIRECTION Baby!!! Little Biebers mayne!!!


    Has being on the show helped or hindered your career?


    X-Factor has helped me a lot. It exposed what I love doing to the public. Now people are having an opinion about me regardless if it is good or bad, but yet I love it because it is an opinion. I have been singing for many years so I am highly thankful for the exposer it has given me.


    Is there too much focus on putting on a show rather than the actual talent?


    Wooo… Well!!! I could be honest or not but I think in this case I will be honest… Gradually as X-Factor has continued it is now based upon marketing values rather then pure talent. I do believe in great PR and having those values but there is a level of a ‘joke’. I truly know that the UK has some amazing talent and sometimes X-Factor can produce some not so talented singers, bringing them into the limelight because of there ‘like-ablity’ factor, which I believe is a manipulation of the audience’s mind. X-Factor should be about changing peoples lives for there love of music and their unquestioned talent, not because they are ‘nice’ people or ‘cute’.


    What is the rivalry amongst the contestants really like?


    Any good contestant will know that there is competition between anyone in your field but what a ‘Great Artist’ will always know is their worth and they will never be in competition with anyone until they let there be one. Whenever someone creates rivalry there often insecure about something.


    Best and worst part of being on the show?


    Best part of being on the show would be singing to the judges – It was sssooo fun mayne!


    Worst part was when Simon Cowell told me to sing something else in my first audition and I was so lost for words mayne… ahhhh!!!! Lol


    How do u protect your music?


    I protect my music by copyrighting all my material I write and also via PRS. Fortunately my production also work in conjunction of making sure all things are protected aswell.


    Would you recommend a copyright service like our own?


    Well I guess there is no other than The Right Copy… So I’m all for The Right Copy baby….


    We would like to give our thanks and appreciation to Duane for taking his time out, stay tuned for more updates.


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