Rhyme and Reason: The Great Depression

    George Obizulike goes by the pen name of Poet Ivy and has published his collection of poems in two books. A raw voice of the youth, which should be celebrated, he spits his words at the issues that facing his generation.


    When was the last time you read a good poem that made you smile, cringe or shed a tear? Ivy’s poetry will make you do at least one of those if not all.


    You’ll also find upon reading them, you can relate to a lot of the subjects he raises with his current, fresh and intriguing opinions.


    The Great Depression features his musings on the Haiti disaster, thoughts on love, lust and politics. The title poem could put you into a great depression as it paints a painfully clear picture of what is happening in the world today. Ending with the words ‘Hope should die last’, this poem is the story of Pandora’s Box in the 21st century.


    An ode to lust is the fantasy and reality of every young man;










    Are the first words to appear vertically on the page, this wordsmith speaks from experience and perhaps guilt of his own times of lust.


    ‘Where is My Dad?’ is the question of many young men today who are the lost generation that he goes on to describe in ‘He, She, You and I are all lost’.


    Ok so it is not like the poems that you read in English literature or even in your GCSE Anthology book, but expect Poet Ivy to hit you where it hurts.

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