All That Jazmine Sullivan

    She’s not busting any windows on this album but she is taking her ‘Luv Back’on a feel good track that had yours truly boggling on the first listen. She is generously giving her cheating man ’10 Seconds’ on the revenge track that features the lyrics ‘….you know I aint mad for nothing’


    So what’s the difference between the 7 time Grammy nominated album ‘Fearless’ and ‘Love me Back’? Jazmine says that it is less angry and that she was trying to show a ‘softer’ side of herself. ‘I was just coming out of a relationship that I didn’t need to be in when I was working on Fearless’ said the artist. But that doesn’t mean that she does not address the issues that had fans nodding in agreement and confronting partners.


    Not a complete turnaround but with less male bashing and more celebration of relationships, it took me a second listen to truly appreciate the album as it wasn’t what I had expected. But having dealt with the negative feelings that had us all onboard on her freshman album, the positive response her sound had received meant that she felt more pressure to achieve perfection, this album had a lot to live up to.


    Even with the support from her mentor the incredibly talented Missy Elliott, Jazmine felt the heat but says that she eventually relaxed when she realised her position in the music industry, ’I have embraced the fact that the way I say things is not the way other people say things’, which makes her music unique and but not less relatable.


    While fans can buy and listen to the album from Monday, Jazmine admits that she hasn’t for four months, ‘I haven’t listened to it for a while so that when I go back to the tracks it will be fresh again’.


    If she hasn’t listened to it, should you? Well Jazmine has a formula that works and if you liked ‘Fearless’, you will appreciate ‘Love me Back’.


    At 23 the truth behind her success is her acceptance of her own voice, ‘When I was younger I didn’t like my voice it was deep and husky’, therefore if upcoming artists want to succeed the Philadelphia resident advises them to ‘be yourself’.


    Love Me Back is out on Monday 29th November on RCA U

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