Soulfully Alternative Folks

    As a manager, she knows how to get the best from her client, as a producer, she instinctively creates for the artist, as a musician, she rocks.


    Kadija Kamara has more than one role, which is not unusual for an unsigned artist,

    ‘As an independent artist you take on a lot of different roles, I write, I co-produce and I am building from the ground up so that I will have a loyal fan base’ said the singersongwriter. Although life would be a lot more easier if there was a label behind her, Kadija has very valid reasons as to why one should always tread carefully when approached by a record company, ‘I’m scared of majors, they don’t take you as you are and I would want to keep my creative control, I am not doing this to be famous- this is my passion’.


    Passion is something Kadija refers to several times during our interview and she definitely has ample for the music. Constantly performing gigs and increasing her fan base she told me ‘A lot of people ask me how I do it, passion keeps me going, I would hate to miss that one gig that could lead to something greater’.


    So where did it all start? Not unlike any other artist really, Kadija grew up with music in her house and her father’s Motown records, (some of which she has nabbed for herself) it meant that she quickly acquired an ear for rhythm.

    She played the guitar from the age of 15 but stopped to focus on her studies only to pick it up some years down the line. She believes that as an artist ‘If you are playing and singing it makes you more credible’. While we were on the topic of credible artists I wondered how she felt about the X Factor, ‘It is good if you go there to get contacts or to get exposure, a lot of people I know will go as a last resort’.


    Having heard Kadija perform with nothing else but her guitar charming the audience with the lyrics of the song ‘Talking to Myself’ a soulful track which is ‘trying to tell this guy that I don’t need money, gold chains and diamonds but he is not listening so I’m talking to myself.’ Kadija tries to put a positive spin on her music and life although she is not impressed by what is making the airwaves today, ‘I feel that music today is so fickle, we are not talking about what we need to be talking about, everyone is trying to make everyone sound the same so that they can get on the radio’.


    When it comes to the radio I can imagine her alternative soul stirrings being played on Radio 1, Choice FM, Virgin, Magic and Heart. In the meantime you can catch Kadija at The Bedford on December 13th before she takes a well deserved Christmas break. Visit her websites for more details


    Picture 1: Indigo O2: Photo By Richard Kaby


    Picture 2: Photo by Mark Anthony Saul, White Dress: By Georgie W. Couture

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