If I Were President

    Haitians are currently awaiting the release of their election results but one thing that we will not have to wait for any longer is Wyclef Jean’s EP, ‘If I were President: My Haitian Experience is out on digital download today.’


    It’s been a while since we’ve heard from the ‘Perfect Gentleman’, founding member of the highly successful hip hop group The Fugees and creator of RnB group ‘City High’. But it all went a little down hill in August of this year when he decided to get into politics and put himself forward as a Haitian presidential candidate, even former Fugees bandmate Pras couldn’t get behind him.


    This 6-track EP features ‘Election Time’, a hit and if the video matches then it should ride straight up the charts. As the EP album title suggest the songs are focused on the Haiti elections and targets the youth of Jean’s home country, ‘I would want to tell the youth of Haiti to go out and vote. We have had a long history of dictatorship in Haiti. It’s not a Haitian right to vote that we are talking about. We are talking about a world right. Take your right. Your true weapon is your voting card. Use your weapon and use it wisely.’


    ‘Haitian Experience’ tells of the struggle as a Haitian to make it in America specifically retelling Wyclef’s father’s story. The electric guitar and beats combine to make this a very powerful song. This EP Jean says, ‘is inspired by real events. It’s about what you’ve seen and experienced.’


    An enjoyable collection of musical offerings from a talented artist that was forgotten but as Wyclef’s instantly recognisable creole tones lace the track ‘Prison for the K’ I believe that we get a glimpse back into the man behind the Fugees. Let’s just hope that this time even his former band mate get on board and support this EP campaign.


    Vote for ‘If I were President: My Haitian Experience’ available for download on itunes and stream ‘Election Time’ using the link below.


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