Basic Instincts

    My basic instincts told me not to expect much and Ciara’s ‘Basic Instinct’ proved me right. It is still the same Ciara, and while a lack of change can sometimes be perceived, received or believed to be a good thing Ciara’s stagnant position and lack of evolution means that fans who have the first album, perhaps wouldn’t be able to notice the difference between that and this album.


    A singer with all the makings of a star yet she is offering such a one-dimensional character.

    We all know by now that sex sells but what team Ciara don’t seem to appreciate is that they’re also trying to sell an album.


    We were impressed with her goodies the first time round but now it would be great if she would kindly give us some new treats.


    If you have not seen the ‘Ride’ video, you won’t be disappointed as ciara makes Keri Hilson’s latest video look PG13Check it out


    Ciara Ride


    Remind you of anything? ‘Oh’, the 2005 release featuring Ludacris? But even he couldn’t make this album worthy of the money people are going to spend on it.


    ‘Ride’ is actually one of my favourite tracks off the album, shame that it also appears on an album that features weak nonsense rapping on the title track ‘Basic Instincts (u got me)’. ‘Gimme Dat’ sounds like a recent release, perhaps ‘Work’ off her third album.


    ‘Girls Get your Money’ and ‘Heavy Rotation’, which features the lyrics ‘we can turn your bed into a dancefloor’ and an irritating phone-like interference sound buzzing in the back of each track leaves me to admit that I found it very difficult to finish listening to this album.


    This is an uninspiring disappointment from what seems like a one-trick pony, that can’t be Ciara now can it?


    If this is a representative of RnB then it is dying a fast death.

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