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    TheRightCopy reviewed Lauren Pritchard’s Wasted in Jackson last year and we were impressed.




    Lauren has a unique voice and style mostly attributed to soul music, but don’t pigeon-hole her until you actually hear the album.


    Artists usually take to the ‘land of opportunity’ to make it big but Lauren is obviously a different kettle of fish. ‘Working in the UK has added things to my sound, British-isms that weren’t there before but I’m happy that I’ve taken them on.’ Lauren explained.


    Born in the States, Lauren chased her dreams across the Atlantic to London where she landed a deal with Island Records, ‘Being in the UK gave me the space I needed to speak my mind and it opened me up to a bigger part of my voice.’ the voice that she says, ‘Was found by accident, but I’ve been singing and playing piano since I was a child.’


    By 15 Lauren no longer needed lessons and had started to follow her own musical path, ’I was on my own writing and singing songs. The more I did it the more I found my way into my sound. But I think I’ll always be finding my sound in new ways.’


    Since signing her deal Lauren has been increasing her fan base and recently performed at HMV’s Next Big Thing at Borderline in London. She is currently touring in America and it isn’t surprising that we’re not alone in believing in this rising star from Tennessee.


    ‘The music that attracts me the most is music with honesty.’, she lists Drake, Creedence Clearwater Revival, and Bruno Mars as artists she listens to and said ‘I hope to make a lasting musical impression with Wasted in Jackson.


    TheRightCopy is a more convenient and time-saving method of protecting your creations without the fear of losing the work. That’s why Lauren gave a nod to TheRightCopy service saying, ’Yes, I totally advocate protecting your music’.


    Lauren did protect her work using the method that her mother showed her. ‘Before I signed with Sony/ATV Music Publishing, I would put a taped recording of lyrics to the song in a package and send it to myself. That way the date of the postage stamp would prove the date of the written song. All the unopened packages are still in the safe at my parents house in Tennessee.’


    Be inspired and keep up to date with Lauren, visit www.laurenpritchard.com .



    Download her new single ‘Stuck’ from Sunday

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