Late Nights & Early Mornings

    The slender image on the cover of ‘Late Nights & Early Mornings’ was not someone I recognised, but the sultry tones were.


    This star was one half of the Neo-soul duo Floetry. Marsha Ambrosius’ solo offering for 2011 is not for the faint hearted, she introduces us to her sexual musings with ‘Anticipation’ and had me blushing upon the first listen to ‘With You’, co-written by Alicia Keys.


    A Valentine days present come late, but that doesn’t stop Marsha serenading us with the title track ‘Late Nights & Early Mornings’.


    Initially Marsh seduces you into a false sense of security teasing you with the optimistic first few tracks, she abruptly slaps you in the face with, ‘Hope She Cheats On You (With a Basketball Player)’, a heartbreak song that sings the thoughts of a woman scorned. This straight-talking track features the lyrics ‘I hope you feel lonely now we’re not together’ and ‘Hope that she Kim Kardashianed her way up’, which should leave no doubt that she was bitter about a break up, she sings, ‘I may sound bitter, I’m a little bitter, Just a little bitter because you were with her.’


    Solo, but with the aid of some notable friends such as, Lauren Hill who helped write ‘Lose Myself’, Marsha sings about letting go to fall in love, she definitely has not short-changed us.


    ‘Lose Myself’ is followed by the powerful ballad ‘Your Hands’, which elevates the album. Marsha swiftly glides into comfortable Soul/RnB and even features a remix of ‘Butterflies’, a song that she penned for the late Michael Jackson.


    Verdict: If you want to take it to the bedroom, take this album with you. A good example of when great lyrics meet good production.


    Late Nights & Early Mornings is out March 1

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