World Book Day/Night

    On Saturday 5th March, World Book Day extended its family to World Book Night. Traditionally on World Book Day events are held around the country and schools are given countless vouchers to encourage children and adults to pick up a book.


    This year, however, was extra special as publishers, authors and 20,000 passionate book lovers gave away 1,000,000 books, achieving a record for the largest number of books given away in the UK and Ireland in one night.


    I got involved way back in December of 2010 when I saw an advert to sign up and become a giver for the event. I simply had to pick my choice of title from a selected list of 25 famous books to give away, explaining who I’d like to give them to and why. My first choice was for Carol Ann Duffy’s The World’s Wife, a masterful poetry collection of wit, humour and a touch of sensitivity.


    Unfortunately poetry has never received much representation in the press and the bookselling world and I think it has an unfair stigma surrounding it of archaic boredom that is difficult to understand, when in fact more mainstream pieces like Duffy’s are fresh and full of humour with associable imagery. Luckily I got my first choice and I was kept informed of the progress leading up to the night by email from the World Book Night team.


    About a week before the event I collected the 48 copies I was in charge of distributing on the night from a local bookshop. I was extremely impressed by the organisation in the lead up to the event that went without a hiccup.


    I wanted to give the books to people who had perhaps never read poetry or wouldn’t think once, let alone twice, about picking up a copy of a poetry book. Therefore, when I found out I would be giving away The World’s Wife I took my original reasons for selection into consideration. In total I gave away the 48 copies to two book clubs whose next month’s pick was going to be The World’s Wife, a local library near me whose poetry collection was thinner than an IPhone, a women’s psychiatric ward based in London for their weekly reading session and family and friends.


    I don’t expect every one of the 48 to read the entire book but I hope that they take a look and read something enjoyable and captivating.




    Written by Ella Pocock

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