Beautiful Imperfection

    If you’re going to do something, you should do it well and try as they may, not all musicians succeed…. twice.


    Asa, however, has managed to create an album that has the ordinarily mute music journalist nodding their heads to the inspiring sounds of ‘Beautiful Imperfection’.


    Not a complete departure from her self-titled debut album ‘Asa’, this sophmore record builds on her previous achievement of being able to bring her blend of anglo-yoruba lyrics to life.


    ‘Beautiful Imperfection’ is a lively composition of positive music, featuring tracks like ‘Be My Man’, a feel-good tune with a fun video, ’Dreamer Girl’, a warm summer track and the melodic ‘The Way I Feel’ perfect for a film soundtrack. They demonstrate just how much the artist has developed and grown.


    Asa revisits issues that resonate with us all, from relationships to politics to religion with ‘Preacher Man’, she raises some valid points on the sombre track ‘Questions’, such as ‘Why is there so much religion and so little love?’


    We’ ll leave you with this question, why wouldn’t you like this album?


    Beautiful Imperfection is out on Monday.


    Asa will be playing live at the Barbican on Monday 4th April

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