Showcase: Milo

    Up and coming artist/producer from East London, Milo got into music from an early age where he found his true life passion. He started off by teaming up with family friend Artbeat, to combine and utilise each others talents to create music.


    Milo has a witty and intelligent flow that is recognised by all that hear him spit over tracks. He has produced music for a host of underground artists and has also lent his vocals to several underground tracks.


    Milo is looking for new up and coming talent and also established artists to work with. His debut mixtape ‘Newham City’ received rave reviews from those that shared feedback and his musical effort displays his intention to leave his mark on the UK music industry.


    ‘Time is King’, from which his latest song ‘Myself’, is released features well-known grime artist Mercston, this has further displayed Milo’s abilities to stand out from the growing rap crowd.

    Video produced by the THE RIGHT COPY ‘Myself’ is an open song that sends out the message that no matter what, you should feel good about being who you are, even if nobody likes you, show them the hand and stand proud. Originality is key to any success and you should be proud to show your own flair, and thats what ‘Myself’ is all about.


    Follow – @Miloartist Facebook – Milo


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