He’s a Star Bwoy

    TRC caught up with Starboy Nathan on an honest day when he was willing to tell us exactly what he thinks of other UK acts and the media.


    ‘I think the UK media would rather support an American artist than a British one’


    We’re loving the UK music scene right now and so does Starboy Nathan, the 20-something year old who enticed the ladies with his debut single ‘Come Into My Room’ in 2005. He is now promising to put the deserved bling on your neck with his new single ‘Diamonds’, which is accompanied by a sizzling video that maintains the high bar UK artists have been setting.


    While the album tracks are unconfirmed ‘Diamonds’, out April 18th, has been well received by his fans, ‘We weren’t sure what to release, we have 25 tracks, but we got a really good response from this track so we decided to put it out’.


    Nathan has been working hard on his new album ‘3D – Determination, Dedication, Desire’ with several producers including international hit (and baby maker) Swizz Beatz. If the producer’s latest banger with Dirty Diddy Money (Ass On The Floor) is anything to go by, they’re both on the right track. ‘He is a legend and a genius, I gained loads of experience from working with him’ Nathan said.


    Non-stop Nathan has also recently been touring with JLS and NDubz, he told TRC, ‘I’m glad to be back in the UK, the music scene is doing better although there’s still a lot of barriers to break through which we have done before, but it needs to be sustained’.


    It is difficult for anybody to keep going when they are not receiving support, one of Nathan’s main issues with the industry right now is the part the British media plays, or won’t play. ‘As an artist who has done this before I know how hard it is, they don’t accept UK artists, you have to be outstanding to break through like Craig David or Tinie Tempah and they prefer to play Jason Derulo or Mann’s ‘Buzzin’ instead of Talay Riley or Loick Essien, the UK even supported Jason Derulo more than the US did.’


    So what does it take to make it in the industry? ‘Everyone feels like they need to do dance music right now, but as an artist you want to get the balance right, I don’t just want to fit in with the crowd.’ Nathan believes in maintaining your independence and instantly took to the idea of The Right Copy’s free online copyright service, ‘I think it’s a wicked idea, ownership is the way forward, my manager and I have always tried to work independently, splitting the bill 50/50 and I have released my last two albums on my own label.’


    It is clear to say that Nathan is not just an artist, but a decent role model too ‘I want to change the scene and bring light to it’, we hope he does.


    ‘Diamonds’ is out April 18,


    Follow @StarboyNathan and add him facebook, he’s friendly.

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