Stardust – Joseph Kanon (Simon & Schuster)

    The unnecessary details were one of the many things that let this potentially thrilling read down.


    Upon picking up Stardust I was ready to be transported to a world of lights camera and action, full of shock, betrayal and jealousy. The betrayal and jealousy that Kanon provided was unrealistic and highly confusing, not mysterious as I assume the author had intended.


    Written perhaps for the big screen, this attempt at historical fiction was a jumble of over-thought plots and incoherent conversations, not one of Kanon’s bests.


    This novel assumes that the reader is unintelligent, drawing out every minute detail. Where Kanon needed to be a bit more graphic, he skimmed and gave little to the love affair that could have lifted the temperature on a rather cold read.


    Winding Californian roads led to unfortunate accidents and affairs that are left unexplained. This book lacks thrill and excitement and begs the question; why was he killed?

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