The Sound of Sunshine (EMI)

    TRC brought our readers an exclusive interview with Michael Franti last month, we even threw in a live session where you got a sneak peak at his new material due out on Monday.


    It is ‘Rock and Roll, with a whole lot of soul’ and more, a bit of pop, reggae and folk? Hard to describe what is simply a good album, fitting for the summer barbecues and long summer drives.


    ‘I’ll Be Waiting’ is a stand out track on the album, starting with the lyrics ‘ The best things in life aren’t things, they’re living and breathing’, this soft rock ballad and a perfect festival track. You can listen to the track here on his website.


    Michael sings ‘plug your headphones into my heart’, but we say pull them out when listening to this album and share it with the world, make your fellow commuters smile with ‘The Sound of Sunshine’ and ignore the TFL posters telling you to keep your music down.


    ‘The Thing That Gets Me Through’, ‘Hey Hey Hey’ and ‘The Sound of Sunshine’ can’t fail to make you grin, immediately lifting the spirits.


    The sound of sunshine has been packed into an 11-track album, essential for your summer holiday and straight up good times.


    Download it from iTunes and order it from HMV and Amazon on Monday.

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