Born This Gaga

    Gaga is back to treat her ‘little monsters’ to fresh tracks off her second album Born This Way. But does it live up to Gaga’s international bestselling debut album The Fame Game?


    In a word, no. The album is predominantly dance-based music, mixed with heavy beats ready for the clubs rather than the pop/RnB/dance combination that made up her first album and allowed her to become a music fixture in a variety of genres.


    There are some standout tracks that rival the now-famous Born This Way released earlier this year, but overall the album struggles to match the creativity of The Fame Game.


    Stand out tracks include Hair, a strong tune that will no doubt be popular with the female fans, Bloody Mary, the only track with a distinctively slower start from the club beats and You and I, which has an almost Western vibe that is instantly catchy.


    Much of the album blends together with similar beats and sounds but thankfully Lady Gaga’s vocal talents remain and shine through. The early Madonna years that Gaga is continuously compared to plays in full force on the trackGovernment Hooker, which is no bad thing as the song is certainly placed within the better half of the album.


    An international influence reins over the majority of the tracks seemingly stemming from The Fame Game’s Fernando, unfortunately it does falter under the weight of the beats. Future single releases will no doubt be chart successes, but don’t expect to hear the types of tracks Lady Gaga found her fame with.


    The album is out on Monday 23


    Reviewed by Ella Pocock

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