Witness – Cath Staincliff

    If bearing witness to a murder isn’t disturbing enough, imagine knowing the killer, imagine knowing that you could be next…if you don’t keep quiet.


    From the outset of this book you know the crime and the killer, but it doesn’t kill the drama. It still manages to leave you on edge wondering whether Fiona, Zak, Cheryl and Mike will help convict the killer.


    The plot captures the imagination and makes you wonder what you might do if you were in the position of the witnesses.


    The realistic setting works well in creating a relation to current community tensions in areas ruled by gangs where crimes go unsolved due to witness intimidation.


    An enjoyable book with four main protagonists that feel real and relatable, barring perhaps the character of Zak who is homeless and already involved in crime himself, which makes him an unreliable witness.


    Pick up this book now in hardback, available in paperback in July.

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