Ayaan Hirsi Ali’s ‘Nomad’ is a provocative biography full of theories on how to solve the problem of radical Islam and improving the conditions of Muslim women.


    The book gives an insight into what life was like for Ali and the negative impact and influences her religion had on her immediate and extended family.


    Holding the west up as a moral beacon, ‘Nomad’ rejects any positivity that could be drawn from the Islamic faith. Ali also deals with the issue of female circumcision and ‘Gendercide’, both of which are also practiced outside of the Muslim faith.


    The difficulty in accepting the contents of this thought-provoking book is that it is not realistic. It is informative and moving yet it needs to be absorbed with a critical mind that questions whether going to war on Islam is the best way to bring freedom to those women that have been forced to submit to it.


    If you haven’t read Ali’s ‘Infidel’, ‘Nomad’ will immediately encourage you to do so.


    Nomad is out now

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