Electro What?

    Electro-shagging and musical flirting combine to make Eskinzo, a daring musical combination that didn’t put TRC off talking to the Italian duo who admit to being old-fashioned.


    ‘Eskinzo started as a music composition game between my vocals and Luk on the guitar’


    Mat and Luk joined forces in 2009 when both were already occupied with their own musical expeditions, but they bonded over their love of the guitar and developed a musical union to rival their already established bands. ‘We came to know each other as guitar passionates and decided to start working jointly on some things we both had in progress at the time.’


    As they say, two heads are definitely better than one and here the musical blend has resulted in what Eskino would call Electro-shagging, displayed in the sounds of the 007 sountrack-worthy Western Fuzza, ‘It?s basically ?irting with a lot of genres on an electronic bed… we always tried to go for the best solutions of every genre, and never indulge too much on the say line. That?s ?irt.’ They told us.


    Eskino may have created their own style but we’ve dubbed them as experimental magic, indulge in their music efforts available on Myspace and Soundcloud. The Right Copy have been protecting these efforts since 2010 when Mat met the founder at West Focus-Bright Idea Competition. ‘We had (quite a) few drinks together, talked about music and he mentioned his website. I found it so great that as I got home I started uploading all the unregistered material I had. As a creative, I still ?nd it very useful, whether its about music or any kind of project I have in mind.’


    Flitting between London and Turin Eskino are currently working on organising live summer shows, in Italy and abroad. ‘The album is soon to come and live set sound just great. Hope you guys will soon join us’.


    For more information about Eskino’s summer shows visit their facebook-eskinomusic

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