People are always trying to tell us what’s good for us and, what isn’t. The latest person is 15-year old Dionne Bromfield, whose new album ‘Good For The Soul’ is out today.




    Where do we start? TRC have been waiting a while to hear what this unique voice has to offer to the masses­–now we know that Dionne has produced an album that could rival that of well-established crooners. If she stays on the right track her career could have the longevity of Sade.




    First, the album contains 15 tracks, so you’re already getting a lot more for your money than what other artists are currently offering. Second, the tracks are good.


    Her current single ‘Foolin’ (originally called ‘muggin’), is one of our favourite tracks alongside ‘Too Soon to Call It Love’ and ‘If That’s the Way You Wanna Play It’. Dionne lays featherlight vocals on the unsuspecting ear achieving a blend of easy listening tracks and timeless classics.


    For those who like to get their groove on, ‘Sweetest Thing’ brings the funk that has us calling for a tour.


    The UK proves time and time again that we can sing with the best of them. This album is good for the soul and your CD player.

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